NewsBusters Shreds 'Entertainment Weekly's' Dishonest 'Undefeated' Hypocrisy


Entertainment Weekly is just another dishonest media outlet disguised as non-partisan and objective, and like too many of their counterparts in the entertainment media, that disguise is their weapon of choice as they propagandize to young readers and kiss Hollywood ass in exchange for the access necessary to keep those lame exclusives coming that only read well in a restroom.

Aubrey Vaughan at NewsBusters busts their biased, partisan double standards red-handed here:

The conservative documentary, which successfully opened last weekend in limited release, was given a snarky review under the headline “Sarah Palin’s ‘The Undefeated’: We saw it so you don’t have to!“.

While ‘The Undefeated’ is admittedly told from a conservative viewpoint, the criticism of it, compared to the warm reception of Moore and Gore’s liberally biased films, is remarkable.

In the ‘Undefeated’ review, Young acknowledges that the director has every right to make it a pro-Palin film, but mocks the quality of the film for that same reason. Palin, whom Young describes as someone “who positions herself as so outside the political system that she can host a reality-television show and somehow get away with it,” had no affiliation with the production of the film, but Young still manages to frequently insult her and the director. …

In contrast, never do the ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ or ‘Inconvenient Truth’ reviews acknowledge any one-sidedness or disagreements with the films’ content.

Young also complains of a number of biases in the film he sees as conveniently aiding Palin’s case, including glazing over the 2008 presidential campaign, painting her resignation as a result of the distracting bombardment of ethics investigations (ignoring possible financial motivations to move to TLC and Fox News), and only including commentary from “conservative bigwigs like Mark Levin and Andrew Breitbart” who are just “voices to the choir.”

Instead, the ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ review lauded Moore for his Bush-bashing, leaving no room to explain any factual inaccuracies or the possibility of differing viewpoints.

Reviews of ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ and ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ never mentioned the possibility of biased omissions or one-sided debates, even though both were released to much wider audiences.

You’ll want to read the whole thing.


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