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Herman Cain Responds to Harry Belafonte: 'I Left the Democrat Plantation a Long Time Ago'



What you’re seeing through the use of celebrities like George Lopez, Janeane Garofalo, and now Harry Belafonte–all of whom have attacked Cain’s “blackness,” is more than just dumb, cruel Leftists spouting off. This is a coordinated attack that, with the help of Obama’s MSM Palace Guards, is determined to undermine Cain’s ability to attract the black vote.

Cain isn’t just a threat to Barack Obama; he’s an existential threat to both the left and the corrupt media. If just 15% to 20% of Black Americans start voting Republican, the Democrats are done as a party. And with each passing day, as conservatives openly embrace Mr. Cain, the MSM’s immoral and cynical use of the Race Card becomes less and less effective.

Those who remember how Caucasian liberals in the Senate and the MSM attempted to destroy Clarence Thomas also know things are going to get much uglier for Cain if he continues his political ascent. What we’ve seen so far are just scouting parties in preparation for what will surely be a ruthless ground assault on Mr. Cain’s identity.

Over the past of couple days at Big Journalism, I’ve written more extensively about how the MSM is using race to take out our candidates one-by-one, including Cain. Please see here, here, and here.


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