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Michael Moore: Obama's First Term a 'Heartbreaking Disappointment'


Consider Michael Moore the latest celebrity to see the sour side of Hope and Change.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker won’t be voting for Rick Perry, Mitt Romney or Herman Cain next year, but he’ll pull the lever for President Barack Obama with a heavy heart. And no, that’s not a fat joke.

Michael Moore Team America

Moore described Obama’s first three years in office to the BBC as “heart-breaking” and a “disappointment.”

“He did not come into office like I hoped that he would, to do what Franklin Roosevelt did in his first few months where he came in and said, you know, ‘I’m in charge, this is the way we’re doing things, if you don’t like it, throw me out of office,'” Moore said.

Moore said Obama spent the past three years “running the ball in the wrong direction” before making somewhat of a turnaround with a jobs bill and other economic plans.

Do we smell a ‘Sicko’ sequel in which Moore travels to Cuba to show how even that Communist country’s medical system offers superior paperwork to Obamacare?

Besides, didn’t Moore hear it when Obama said he was looking for an “ass to kick?” Sounds like a guy in charge to us.


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