'Racist' Celebs Played Obama 'Cool' Card First

'Racist' Celebs Played Obama 'Cool' Card First

Well here’s something new: The Congressional Black Caucus has now declared the word “cool” to be a racist term. They’re also accusing conservatives of using it that way.

It’s not surprising. “Cool” has always been a term associated with African Americans. Browne and Williamson even spelled it with a K when they decided to market a cigarette to them. The real question is: how long have conservatives been calling the President “cool?”

Heck, before President Barack Obama slow jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon, conservatives were claiming that he wasn’t cool. The photographs of him in a bicycle helmet, his girlish opening day baseball pitches and his clumsy golf swing (which remains remarkably un-photographed despite, setting record numbers for presidential golf rounds) all add up to a very un-cool president. Even million-dollar supporter, Bill Maher, once remarked that he wished Obama were “a real black President” (You know, like those Fly Gangstas Bill sometimes sees outside his limousine window).

Ironically, it has been the fawning Left who have always described the President as cool. Cedric the Entertainer once remarked, that it was difficult to make fun of President Obama, because “he’s kinda cool.” David Letterman has a four-year running gag about how much cooler Barack Obama is, than the white guys who either preceded, or challenged his stay in the White House.

Even “Saturday Night Live,” a show which increasingly leans left, created a whole skit around the “Obama is cool” concept.

Which is just a little racist. “All black guys are cool,” is just a couple of notches under the ability to dance and an abundance of natural rhythm on the scale of racist assumptions. It is the reason why cool suburban white kids put their hats on sideways and keep one hand free, to hold up their pants. It’s also the same kind of mentality that assures a white captain will always first pick the black guy to be on his basketball team — regardless of that guy’s ability to play.

Which is exactly who the President is. According to a new book by David Maraniss, the President isn’t any better at basketball, than he is at baseball, bowling or economics. Yet throughout his life, people have just assumed he could play.

Letterman thinks the President is cool because Obama sings and plays basketball, and that’s just fine with the CBC. But when conservatives say that being cool isn’t a real qualification for president, it’s suddenly racist. Of course, to prevent any further misconceptions, conservatives should promise the Congressional Black Caucus they will not refer to the president as being “cool” ever again.

What you think about “dork?”


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