BigDawg Spotlight: AlfonZo Rachel – Conservative Renaissance Man

BigDawg Spotlight: AlfonZo Rachel – Conservative Renaissance Man

When God was handing out talent, it is evident He knew fellow BigDawger AlfonZo Rachel would use every last one of those talents to glorify His Holy Name. And so He blessed AlfonZo with an abundance of talent.

With his own production company, Macho Sauce Productions (Macho Sauce being AlfonZo’s reference to “the blood of the most Manliest, Manny, Man – man to ever walk the Earth, Sea, and Sky – Jesus Christ!”), AlfonZo quickly became a conservative household name in 2008 from his “homegrown productions” on YouTube with his witty, provocative and brutally honest video rants.

He is also a multi-talented musician, martial artist, social/political humorist on PJTV (ZoNation), author, and founder of his hard rock, faith-based music project, 20 LB SLEDGE. AlfonZo’s objective with 20 LB SLEDGE is to create entertainment to “help be that salt and light.”

From AlfonZo’s official site he describes 20 LB SLEDGE as:

“The hard hittin’ music project of Macho Sauce Productions, based in L.A., California. Driven by faith and slammin’ like a patriot missile, 20 LB. SLEDGE delivers sonic body blows laced with glycemic melodies. The vocals bark with a bite of sharp-toothed ministry, fused with syrupy flows. The music motivates. It’s bombastic, it’s heavy, and it’s fun!”

In an interview with political columnist/PolitiChick Ann-Marie Murell, when asked “What do you believe is the one thing lacking on the Conservative/GOP side of politics … and how can we fix this?” AlfonZo replied:

“Creativity. Stop assuming that it’s just politicians that are screwing things up.There’s the culture that puts them there. Get creative and connect with the culture so the culture will be more apt to consider voting in people interested in protecting their freedom instead of controlling them, and knowing the difference.”

When asked in that same interview what advice he would give to Conservatives wanting to make a difference in their communities, AlfonZo replied:

“Learning how to be creative in promoting, and connecting conservative values, or connect with creative people to help do so.”

Like Andrew Breitbart, Gov. Sarah Palin and co-founder of BigDawg Music Mafia Andrew, AlfonZo believes it is through the effective use of pop culture to spread the truth that we will change our society in order to ensure our fellow Americans will never again vote into office someone as radical as the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

AlfonZo Rachel

AlfonZo had the following to say about pop culture:

Entertainment is a powerful means to promote the leftist ideology. To promote the leftist ideology means to sell out. Sell out God, sell out country, sell out modesty, etc. It’s chalked up to being shocking and brave to challenge God, blame America, curse the job creators, admonish the U.S. military, and so on. While accusing those who didn’t sellout of being sell outs, Liberalism sells out to the easiest means to entertain people with these so-called boogeymen, where conservatives have to dig down deeper to produce competitive entertainment.

Conservatives live in the real world and aren’t much into escapism. That’s why they really don’t excel at nurturing their imagination to make interesting stories and very powerful ways to showcase them.

Conservatives typically don’t dig into enough of the feeling of what it takes to make music that people can really feel. One of the things conservatives avoid is letting their feelings govern their world view, and I agree.

America is going downhill because people want America to be governed by feelings instead of common sense and more importantly the Gospel. But conservatives should know when to let feeling be an ingredient in creating music, as well as allowing a sense of adventurism with music.

There’s also the consumer conservative who is slow to support conservatives trying to make entertainment from a conservative angle, but they’re quick to give their dollar vote to all these liberal entertainers- Which is fine, but don’t go whining about how concerned you are about where this country is headed when you pay for these liberal entertainers to have their influence.

At some point the question should be considered; what’s more important, America or being entertained? There’s a serious balance to be considered with conservatives. Conservative consumers aren’t demanding enough of entertainment with a conservative angle, yet conservative entertainers aren’t producing entertainment that warrants demand.

I’m not trying to be destructive with my criticism but truly constructive. In short, until conservatives start to really feel the funk the only role they will play in pop culture will be the butt of jokes, instead of having influence.

It will always be the fashion to be prejudice against conservatives, instead of conservatives setting the mainstream.This is why I am so happy about BigDawg Music Mafia. They understand this and are working hard to bring conservatives together who are tapping into their artistry to bring forth whatever form of entertainment they can from a conservative angle. Not all the entertainment has to be from a conservative angle, but it definitely doesn’t come from the liberal angle. Supply and demand, conservatives. We have to do the dance.

We want conservatism to be a light, but there has to be more support and demand, but the realso has to be that delicious supply that people will want to demand.”

So how can you help? In a blog post at AlfonZo’s official website entitled “Don’t Try To Get Liberal Entertainers Fired. Put That Effort Into Making Better Conservative Shows”, he says:

What’s the best form of advertisement? Word of mouth. It doesn’t cost the buyer or the seller a dime. If there (are) conservatives that you like online, share their videos and encourage others who are like-minded to share and “like” them.

Chances will increase that they will cross the eyes of more liberals in the process but the objective is to make conservatism BUZZ!!! Make it Trend!!! Make it look like all the craze is all about looking for conservative content. Buzz starts to turn into demand. There’s always been a demand for faster transportation. But the first horseless carriage wasn’t a big hit, ya know? But there was still enough interest there to turn automobiles into a booming industry.

If conservatives want liberals to stop dominating the culture then conservatives have to put some skin in the game! Get creative with how to plug the hole! Get creative with how to set the record straight! Liberals are the ones making movies about Lincoln, the Civil War, Hell – ANY War! Margaret Thatcher, “Red Tails” (The Tuskeegee Airmen). WHY AREN’ T CONSERVATIVES MAKING THESE MOVIES?!?!? WHY DO CONSERVATIVES LET LEFT-WINGERS TELL THE STORIES THAT WERE MOSTLY LIVED BY RIGHT WINGERS?!?!?

We couldn’t agree more, AlfonZo, and we are honored to be in the foxhole on the front lines of this culture war with you.

Learn more about this great culture warrior at his official site, mash the little “LIKE” button on his FaceBook Fan Page, and subscribe to him on YouTube.

Keep up the good fight and wear that conservative label proudly, patriots! Be bold, be fearless,be steadfast and never let the naysayers slow you down. Our country depends on it!


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