Politico Lets Obama-Backer Weinstein Pretend President Faces Unfair Fiscal Playing Field

Politico Lets Obama-Backer Weinstein Pretend President Faces Unfair Fiscal Playing Field

Politico reports that Harvey Weinstein, the leftist Oscar-winning producer of “Shakespeare in Love,” blustered that the $38,000-a-plate fundraiser he’s hosting for President Barack Obama is simply an attempt to even the playing field between the super-rich who are backing Mitt Romney, and the plebeians like Weinstein who support Obama.

“It’s funny, you watch some of the people — you know, for the Republicans, for Mitt Romney —  write checks. …The Koch brothers, I think, are going to raise $400 million on PACs. We’re so come-from-behind compared to these incredibly wealthy people who are doing it. There’s no Democrat in the Koch league of wealth.”

Why, Harvey, you know better than that. Does the name George Soros ring a bell? Or Bill Gates?

But Politico, eager to spin Weinstein’s remarks for Obama’s benefit, continues:

“Weinstein had a point: While Soros has given $2 million to Democratic causes this year, he hasn’t donated to Obama’s affiliated super PAC. Buffett speaks regularly on behalf of the president but has said he won’t give to super PACs either. Organizations tied to the Koch brothers, Charles and David, are planning on spending about $395 million.”

But the super-rich backing Obama have more devious ways to support him; they support organizations that spin on Obama’s behalf. Who funds Media Matters? George Soros.

Who funded MoveOn.org? Soros.

Who funded the Alliance for Global Justice, which funneled money to Occupy Wall Street? Soros.

Who funds National Public Radio? Guess. Who funds the Tides Foundation, which champions radical environmentalism; the exclusion of humans from public and private wildlands; the anti-war movement; anti-free trade campaigns; the banning of firearms ownership; abolition of the death penalty; access to government-funded abortion-on-demand; and radical gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender advocacy? Soros and the Gates Foundation.

And just how does Politico measure the contributions that Hollywood and the media make on Obama’s behalf? There are two movies due by the end of the year that focus on the Bin Laden killing in order to show Obama’s heroism in greenlighting the hit. Kathryn Bigelow’s “Zero Dark Thirty” was originally slated to be released just before the election, but the outcry over its timing forced the film to be released after the election.

Weinstein has no such scruples; the Los Angeles Times said he had “basically closed the rights deal” for another killing bin Laden film called “Code Name Geronimo” and indicated that he would release it in late September or October.

Politico taking Weinstein at face value simply demonstrates how out of touch and politically motivated they truly are.


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