Make Our Day: Mock Eastwood At Your Peril, ObamaBots

Make Our Day: Mock Eastwood At Your Peril, ObamaBots

Bring it on, Dems and you Obama-shills in the media.

You want to criticize Clint Eastwood’s performance at the RNC?  Go for it. Here’s why we can’t wait for you to mock this American icon: 

  1. No real American likes it when people make fun of someone who represents the image of American toughness. The only people who mock macho Americans are effete leftists who are uncomfortable with a strong America, and that won’t play with most Americans, who are proud of being strong and independent.
  2. The more you pick on Eastwood, the more it becomes apparent that you’re desperate to find something, anything to avoid acknowledging that Romney and Ryan were simply terrific and you’re scared to death. 
  3. As you embarrass and reveal your true selves mocking an American Icon — as you waste all that energy — it’s not energy being fired at Romney the day after his convention. Talk about  falling into a trap of your own making.
  4. This is the most important reason: down deep, most Americans know a dirty little secret you try so hard to hide: All of the Dems running the government are the spiritual descendants of the radicals of the 1960’s.  Barack Obama is a disciple of Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky. 

And one of the hallmarks of the 60’s radicals (I know, I was there) was to mock the generations that came before them. That meant everyone older than the young, unrepentant, nasty, unpatriotic radicals who hated America. 

When you mock Eastwood, you confirm for all of us that you truly are the spiritual descendants of those 60’s radicals.  It’s beautiful, you are simply pulling the masks off and revealing who you really are.  

And the faces underneath are ugly.


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