Feds Hunt Down Filmmaker Behind Anti-Muslim Video

Feds Hunt Down Filmmaker Behind Anti-Muslim Video


Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a man the Associated Press tracked down on Wednesday, has been identified by U.S. federal authorities as the key figure behind the incendiaryInnocence Of Muslims, the news agency reports, citing a federal law enforcement official. The unidentified source said Nakoula was connected to the persona of Sam Bacile. A man calling himself Sam Bacile initially claimed to be the writer and director of the film, but doubts have surfaced regarding his identity.

The U.S. government is tracking down a filmmaker for making a video that criticizes Islam.

You’d think Bill Maher, who makes his living by mocking established religions, might take to Twitter to defend the filmmaker in question.

Nope. Maher is too busy Tweeting about … “The Book of Mormon.”

Bill Maher Tweet

UPDATE: Is the man behind the video, a private citizen, being investigated by Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice?


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