'Saturday Night Live' Takes Hard Left Turn, Spins Like Top for Obama

'Saturday Night Live' Takes Hard Left Turn, Spins Like Top for Obama

“Saturday Night Live” is clearly disinterested in tweaking President Barack Obama.

You know, the most powerful man in the world, the figure past “SNL” casts mocked with alacrity – from Presidents Gerald Ford to Bill Clinton.

Now, with the presidential election mere weeks away, “SNL” continues to give Obama a pass while hitting GOP presidential candidate with both barrels. And his wife, too.

During the show’s special Thursday election special, “SNL” depicted Romney as “casually racist,” which alarmed even TheWrap.com.

“SNL” tends to pick on politicians’ surface-level flaws, from stuffiness to slips of the tongue — the kind of traits that politicians themselves might make light of to appear more human. With Romney, the show has gone unusually far by suggesting Romney is secretly dismissive of people of other races.

Last night, the show served up a faux tampon ad mocking the G.O.P. for the alleged “War on Women.” A separate bit attacked Ann Romney for daring to defend her husband.

The show routinely ignores devastating news to Obama – like one horrific jobs report atop another and a Middle East in flames on the president’s watch – while going so far as to spin his gaffes to the president’s advantage.

Case in point: “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers took this week’s Obama Uber-Gaffe – the president admitting he can’t change government from the inside – and turns it into a way to endlessly bash … wait for it … Romney.

Why should Obama be talking at all at this point in the campaign, Meyers asks. Romney’s campaign is in a tailspin, the GOP ticket is flames.

Tailspin? Flames? The major polling outfits all week have called the race essentially tied.

A credible comedian would take Obama’s comment and build an entire sketch around the fact that it negates the politician’s entire 2008 campaign.

Not “SNL.” There’s a president to re-elect, and the show’s Palace Guards are standing by ready to help in any way possible.


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