Funny or Die Short Says Traditional Marriage Supporters 'Sick,' 'Ignorant'

Funny or Die Short Says Traditional Marriage Supporters 'Sick,' 'Ignorant'

Gay actors George Takei and Jesse Tyler Ferguson have teamed up for a new Funny or Die video supporting same-sex marriage.

Like most of the site’s videos it’s not remotely funny, but it does express plenty of intolerance while preaching a message of … tolerance.

The clip, a sendup of ’50s era America, finds Takei narrating the sad tale of a guy named Dale who opposes same sex marriage.

“What you can’t tell about Dale is that he’s sick. He opposes marriage equality. Dale looks normal, but he gives off clues of his prejudice with buzz words like pro family, traditional marriage or old school,” Takei says.

Ferguson, best known for playing part of a gay couple in ABC’s Modern Family, stars as Dale’s gay neighbor.

Dale and his ilk prevent not only the perpetual happiness of gay people but all those wacky weddings that could be arranged by gay couples, Takei argues.

“A party like that could cure Dale’s illness if only he wasn’t so sick,” Takei says.

The clip then trots out even more gay stereotypes along with a feint toward being reasonable toward those who disagree with gay marriage. If only the clip had been around during the 2008 presidential election. Perhaps then-Sen. Barack Obama would have seen the light earlier after being called “sick” and worse.

“The most important thing to remember when meeting with people who don’t support marriage equality is to be kind. They’re most likely hiding their own homosexuality,” he says as Dale squeezes a man’s rump. “These people don’t know they’re being assholes.”


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