Will Left Use Jay Leno's 'Brother' Obama Joke to Silence Late Night Host?

Will Left Use Jay Leno's 'Brother' Obama Joke to Silence Late Night Host?

The left thinks it may have found a way to stop Jay Leno from mocking President Barack Obama on a nightly basis from his Tonight Show perch.

Thursday night’s Tonight Show episode found Leno cracking wise about the Big Brother-style antics of the current administration.

When I was growing up, I was, we were afraid of Big Brother watching us. Now with Obama, we actually have a brother watching us!

The joke’s racial component was enough to activate Mediaite’s cultural sensors. The site quickly posted a chin-stroking post on the gag, misinterpreting Leno’s delivery just enough to add fuel to what it hopes will be a fire.

After all, Leno is the one comic who unabashedly pokes fun at the President, and he’s been on a tear of late with his Obama mockery. Leno will be replaced by Obama-friendly comic Jimmy Fallon next year, but that leaves a lot of time for Leno to damage Obama’s brand.

That means anything that can quiet the late night veteran, or at least make him think twice before writing a scathing Obama gag, can be helpful to the president’s cause.

Leno has never been considered the hipster comic, but these days he’s the only humorist consistently speaking truth to power. Who knows, maybe when his NBC contract expires he’ll scramble for the cutting edge and join the streaming revolution.