David Letterman Mocks Pope, Catholic Church

David Letterman Mocks Pope, Catholic Church

David Letterman pulls every punch he can when it comes to President Barack Obama, but he has no qualms mocking the Pope or the Catholic Church. 

On the July 23 edition of CBS’s The Late Show, Letterman brought up Pope Francis’s recent visit to Rio as part of World Youth Day.

“And I’m telling you if there’s anything the kids can’t get enough of, it’s a 76-year-old virgin. Come on! World Youth Day. Or as the Vatican calls it, salute to altar boys.”

“Yeah, shoot the messenger. Fine,” he says after the crowd’s laughter turns to groans.

Later, Letterman switched to less inflammatory material regarding Pope Francis.

“He’s a regular guy … he’s down there in Rio … you know how that gets in ya, that vibe (crowd titters). And not a regular guy on earth who’s immune to the Rio vibe.”

We then see a doctored video of man dancing with the Pope’s hat.

The Catholic League was not amused. Here’s what the group posted on its official web site regarding the monologue. 

There are some people who can’t be shamed. One might think that a man who is known for sexually harassing his staff, and for serial adultery, might be cautious about making such a statement.

Letterman, who admitted in January that he sees a psychiatrist once a week, may want to discuss his latest outburst with his shrink. This guy has some very deep issues that must be addressed–sooner rather than later.


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