GLAAD Pounces on 'Duck Dynasty's' 'Anti-Gay' Comment, Brushed Off Worse from Alec Baldwin

GLAAD Pounces on 'Duck Dynasty's' 'Anti-Gay' Comment, Brushed Off Worse from Alec Baldwin

News of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s comments on sin, sexuality and the gay lifestyle hit the press mere hours ago, and already GLAAD is in full combat mode.

GLAAD plastered their objection to Robertson’s faith-based opinions on the front page of its web site as well as its news blog section. The group also reached out to Entertainment Weekly to voice its outrage over Robertson saying gay sex is a sin much like greed, adultery and sex outside of marriage.

Compare that lightning fast condemnation to GLAAD’s muted response to Alec Baldwin’s anti-gay outburst back in June:

The group allowed Baldwin to use its web site to apologize and/or attempt damage control, essentially shouting, “you’re already forgiven.

Baldwin’s tirade carried far more vitriol than anything Robertson said, but let’s assume they’re both equally anti-gay.

Why the wildly different response?

Robertson and his Duck Dynasty co-stars are unabashedly Christian. They support the Second Amendment. They are more or less conservative in their approach to life.

Baldwin’s views are so progressive MSNBC gave him his own show before his off-screen antics forced them to part ways with the star less than two months after his first broadcast.

Two stars. Two comments that GLAAD found offensive. Two very different reactions.


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