'Fosters' Producer 'Grateful' for Negative Attention from Conservative Group

'Fosters' Producer 'Grateful' for Negative Attention from Conservative Group

Controversy may grab headlines, but most Hollywood producers would rather score free publicity any number of other ways.

Not one of the key players behind the ABC Family drama The Fosters, a show anchored by a biracial lesbian family.

Rather than try to minimize the efforts of a conservative group against the show, an executive producer actually pointed to the dustup as a reason for the ratings bump seen in the newest group of episodes.

Peter Paige, who is an executive producer along with Jennifer Lopez, said Friday that a protest by the group One Million Moms about the show was equivalent to an endorsement. The group had complained that the show was trying to “redefine marriage.”

Paige doesn’t seem to mind that his comments could alienate a portion of its potential audience.


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