Pharrell Profiles Tea Party as Racists Who Make 'N-word' Jokes

Pharrell Profiles Tea Party as Racists Who Make 'N-word' Jokes

To singer, songwriter, and producer Pharrell Williams, the Tea Party is nothing more than racists who make “N-word” jokes. 

That is what he told GQ magazine in a lengthy interview in which he predicted Hillary Clinton would win the presidency in 2016 and was asked about her potential opposition:

Who? The Tea Party guys? The guys with the nigger jokes in 2014? They’re all trying to learn how to do the Dougie. Please. While their daughters are all twerking. Trust me: Miley tells me all the time. Not saying that about Billy Ray, but I’m saying Miley tells me all the time: All those little girls, all those girls with their Republican daddies, they’re twerkin’ somewhere listening to Jay Z and Beyoncé and doin’ the “Happy” dance. And that’s black.

Pharrell also predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election and gushed over Bill Clinton in the interview: 

And it’s a two-for-one: Bill is the coolest dude in the game, still plays saxophone, and every woman in the world wants him. It’s a two-for-one. Hillary’s gonna win. Everybody laughed at me when I said Obama was going to win, but I knew what he represented. But I know what Hillary represents: She represents a woman in power, and she did great as the Secretary of State. She’s gonna win.


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