Racism and America's Death March to Utopia

Racism and America's Death March to Utopia

I won’t defend Los Angeles Clippers’ owner, Donald Sterling, for his racial attitudes and beliefs. But I will defend his right to hold them. One’s thoughts are his own private property. And until a jack-booted squad of Thought Police kick in your door and arrest you for unsanctioned thoughts, I’ll keep my tinfoil hat in the closet where it belongs. But I digress.

The owner of the Clippers basketball team is under siege for making racist remarks in private to his alleged mistress. All hell is breaking loose as the entire world apparently demanded he divest himself of the team and be banished from basketball for eternity. I can’t wait to see the eBay reserve auction.

But in a supposedly free country, aren’t you afforded the prerogative to not like someone? For whatever reason? Apparently not, in this racially-hypersensitive world.

Not to compare myself or personal history with the valiant and brave struggle for civil equality of African-Americans, but … if I had a dollar for every time a black dude called me ‘cracker’, ‘white boy’ or ‘honkey’…even I could make a bid for the Clippers. But I shrugged it off. Sticks and stones and all that. My dad always taught me, “Hey – not everybody is going to like you.” And he seemed to tell this to me a lot for some reason. Gave me a complex–and probably why I started drinking in kindergarten.

But really… I hate Hate. I hate it so much I capitalized it. Hate is nasty, ugly and sucks the fun out of this frolicking barbecue pool party we call Life. But so it goes with the modern PC narrative over our selective outrage on Racism.

Racism, contrary to popular opinion is not a one-way street. But somehow I don’t hear much outrage when it’s black-on-white racism. But it’s considered politically incorrect to even make that statement.

One would think that by now, after all the civil rights laws, and the marches and the ‘wrongs-righted’ and the innumerable increases of opportunity for blacks to raise themselves up and achieve untold heights of economic and academic success … I mean, didn’t we just elect a black man President? Isn’t Oprah Winfrey richer and more successful than God?

In the supposed ‘post-racial’ world aren’t we beyond the outrage when we hear some idiotic racist remarks? Shouldn’t it elicit laughter and derision–rather than outrage and vitriol? If you want something to go away–ignore it. Laugh at it, joke about it … make it the punchline du jour. But don’t give it the power that results from an outraged over-reaction.

The guy made some stupid comments, they were caught on tape (and as anyone knows privacy is gone forever (which is really the scariest element to me in all this) and he paid a stiff economic price for his racial bias.

This chills me to the bone, and it should you. If you think about what this means in its entirety … and the possible ramifications? As of now, there is no communication between private parties that is privacy-protected. Anything you say in private is deemed public property and can be used to virtually disembowel your reputation, your finances, your entire life.

And worse–apparently, you have no recourse through the courts. For all intents and purposes, if the absconded communiqué falls to the wrong side of the current politically-correct zeitgeist–you have no rights.

Right now, this matter is within the NBA. But look at the coverage and the sheer volume of public outrage. And now look deeper into the soup, simmering in the PC cauldron … and toss in a pinch of NSA into the mix–with their very advanced information surveillance and collecting and processing capabilities.

And now heat this toxic brew under a low flame and stir in a little IRS bias and targeting … and you’ve got an Orwellian stew to make your blood run cold. Chill a hour and serve with parsley.Just to review–and not defending him, but correct me if I’m wrong–this wealthy NBA owner made no threats, called no one the N-word or any other pejorative. He was surreptitiously and against his will, recorded in a private conversation saying to his mistress that he’d prefer she not bring her African-American boyfriends to his Clipper games.

Is he a racist … or just maybe feeling a little sexually challenged … inadequate … or all three? Who knows? Who cares, really? Oh yeah–apparently the entire world. Everyone, it seems, except for me. It’s fascinating to me how something that holds an entire populace in suspense can bore me so to tears. If my yawn got any bigger you could see it from space.

What disturbs me about this whole affair (no pun intended) is this ever-growing trend toward Group-Think. Any Outraged Group, as long as it is representing either A) a Liberal cause, or B) Some ‘aggrieved minority’–is automatically emboldened and encouraged by the sycophantic liberal press; and that Outraged Group’s ‘noble and justified’ intentions are now considered sacrosanct and untouchable from any real scrutiny or skepticism.

But this trend should sound alarms to Liberals as well. For as we all know, our political landscape is dynamic. The loss of liberty and privacy instituted under ‘their guy’ in a few years will also be in place under ‘our guy.’ Welcome to “As the Worm Turns”…!

If this trend holds, there will be no privacy to be expected for any American citizen; for any communication done in private need only be broadcast for public consumption and judgment by any source, for any reason. And it’s all “legal.” Freedom is never killed in one blow. It is chipped away in the dead of night while no one notices. There will be no going back once it’s done, and you can’t get the primordial ooze back into the tube.

Through our own inattentiveness and general ennui … we private individual citizens are slowly being relegated subjects–of an over-reaching, politically-correct, liberty-crushing, top-heavy Federal behemoth that, if we’re not vigilant, may soon bring to a close that once-great experiment in freedom and self-rule known as The United States of America.