Jon Stewart Unofficially Joins Hillary 2016 Campaign

Jon Stewart Unofficially Joins Hillary 2016 Campaign

Larry King, call your lawyer. Jon Stewart just threw your best softballs at probable presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Tuesday night.

Stewart, who occasionally holds a liberal’s feet to the fire on his otherwise progressive Daily Show, went the soft and fuzzy route during his Clinton chat. Instead of speaking truth to power, Stewart slapped a “Hillary 2016” bumper sticker on his forehead and led a cheering section, not an interview.

Stewart began by trying to tease out whether Clinton was officially entering the 2016 presidential race. Funny concept–do you prefer square shaped houses or ones without edges?–but the gimmick quickly ran thin.

From there, Stewart tugged on his softball jersey and teed up generic questions to the former First Lady that didn’t allow her to answer any specific charges or issues.

What did she say?

America doesn’t sell its greatness like it once did, she argued, ignoring liberal Hollywood and media outlets who routinely run down their own country. Then she said the American dream is no longer true for everyone, but doesn’t say why nor offer any ways to bring said dream back.

Methinks she’s doing a poor job of selling her own country’s greatness.

Heck, Stewart didn’t even hammer Clinton on the “dead broke” gaffe. Instead, he defended her against those rascally nit pickers who dared to bring it up. Is he gunning for a press secretary gig in 2017?

Don’t blame Clinton. She ladled out the generic answers as any politician would when faced with lazy questions. Stewart, on the other hand, might want to watch the interview later and wonder if it best served his audience or potential voters.


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