America Deserves Better than an Empty Suit with No Strategy Against Radical Islam

America Deserves Better than an Empty Suit with No Strategy Against Radical Islam

Let me pose a question. Do you think America is better off today then it was in 1989?

Some of you may not even have been born yet to remember. But for those of you that were, what say you?

You may ask, “well, what made you chose 1989?” What is the significance of that particular date? It was 10 years after the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter, a decent fellow; I remember how we were supposed to overlook his incompetency by saying, “I think he is a decent fellow.” The date is also after two terms with Hollywood B-actor Ronald Reagan as president, whom we were led to believe, by the media, was not intelligent and out of touch.

Are we better of today than in 2001? How about 2008? Is the world better off? If your answer is no, then the question is why and what is the difference between then and now? Well, the leadership that currently occupies our government and the incremental acceptance by both parties to a weakening of American principles, yes American principles, is to blame! I contend that both parties are anemic and incompetent. Oh, there may be some politicians that are quite “decent” but there is a lack of decisive, intense, crystal-clear, courageous, imaginative leadership in both parties.

Combine that with most of the media being more then biased, driven by an agenda that is detrimental to the cause of freedom and to the idea of an exceptional America. Then add an educational system that has slowly been hijacked by the extreme left and, like termites, are eating away at American values replacing them with Common Core.

Our culture has made it more important to worry about recycling than the defense of our country. Dear friends, we are on the verge of a bigger crisis than Hitler, Hirohito, Mussolini and Mao combined ever presented.

I have heard over and over a certain kind of elitist discourse from the left that talks about “nuance.” As if being “nuanced ” is a quality the left equates with intelligence. Well guess what? Take your “nuance ” and shove it up your indecisive behinds.

Where is the outrage for a Commander in Chief not having a “strategy” against the most dangerous threat to freedom since the dawn of man! If a football coach preparing to play the Super Bowl said, “We don’t have a strategy” he would be fired! Let’s say even if he didn’t have a clear strategy, he would at least be inspirational!

In 2004, when I first heard then Sen. Obama speak I was inspired. I remember feeling, “he will be the next president of the United States.” Now, after six years and hearing him speak this week, I feel we are witnessing a deliberate dereliction of duty.

Our president should at least inspire and inform. Our president should have made a speech like British Prime Minister David Cameron did.

The president must be held accountable for his administration redefining radical Islam as a criminal problem and not one of ideology! We must also take to task Vice President Joe Biden, and the whole caboodle of our present government who lack the guts to tell the American people the truth.

I do not want “nuance. I do not want pastels. I want bold colors–red, white and blue.