Law Enforcement: Unless Lena Dunham Cooperates We Cannot Pursue Her Alleged Rapist

Law Enforcement: Unless Lena Dunham Cooperates We Cannot Pursue Her Alleged Rapist

According to local law enforcement, unless Lena Dunham cooperates with an investigation, nothing can realistically be done to pursue or prosecute the man the “Girls” star and creator claims raped her and might have hurt two other women.

Speaking to Breitbart News, Lieutenant Mike McCloskey of the Oberlin Police Department said, “Information published in a memoir is not enough to pursue an investigation. Unless Ms. Dunham comes forward, there can be no active case.”

Lt. McClosky, the Department’s Public Information Officer, said that the department is aware of Dunham’s rape allegation. In accordance with Oberlin College policies, upon hearing about the rape allegations through the media, the school notified local law enforcement.

Lt. McCloskey added that there was “No report or incident report filed at the time” the raped allegedly occurred, and that if the “victim doesn’t come forward, criminal charges are impossible to file.”

Wednesday an official at Ohio’s Oberlin College informed Breitbart News that the school is looking into the allegations but that the investigation is unlikely to go forward without Dunham’s cooperation.

In her just-released memoir, Dunham claims she was raped by a “mustachioed campus Republican” named Barry, and that she heard stories about him hurting two other women. One women was “punched in the boobs” the other was left with a “blood-spattered wall” after a night of consensual sex.

Although Dunham’s story of being raped has gotten plenty of media publicity and acclaim, the 28-year-old has said nothing about filing charges against the man she claims assaulted her as a 19-year-old Oberlin College student. This, despite the fact that the statute of limitations for rape in Ohio is 20 years, and she obviously knows who he is.

Dunham has made a lot of noise and created a lot of glowing publicity for herself as a campus sexual assault activist. Studies show that, unless and until he is brought to justice, the man she claims raped her and hurt two other women is almost certain to repeat his crime.

Unless Dunham agrees to cooperate with Oberlin campus officials and law enforcement, Barry will remain on the streets.

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