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Exclusive: Mad Mag Says Obama ‘Never Ready When Things Go Wrong’

Exclusive: Mad Mag Says Obama ‘Never Ready When Things Go Wrong’

Chris Rock recently dubbed President Barack Obama’s tenure as “Hall of Fame” worthy in an interview at That after the president’s disastrous rollout of ObamaCare, a series of foreign policy debacles, the ugly sight of Democrats refusing to admit they voted for him and a calamitous midterm shellacking.

The “usual gang of idiots” at Mad Magazine, as it turns out, see political matters a mite clearer.

Mad Magazine’s newest edition, hitting newsstands Dec. 16 but available via digital distribution on iPads Dec. 5, is dubbed “The 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2014.” The humor magazine takes special note of President Obama’s awful year, from his handling of ISIS to, well, let the folks at Mad tell the story in one ignominious picture.

Mad Magazine's Obama boy scout image

Whether it’s ISIS, Ebola, the border crisis, Putin’s aggression or the bad press generated by one of his golf outings, Obama is never ready when things go wrong.

This isn’t the first time Mad Magazine mocked Obama, something most major comic institutions either avoid or attempt with reservation. Earlier this year, the magazine took Obama to task for a prisoner swap involving five Taliban soldiers.

Jay Leno regularly took Obama to task in his Tonight Show monologues, making him the one comic to continue the time-honored tradition of holding presidents’ feet to the comic fire. His successor, Jimmy Fallon, has done so but far less frequently.

Others, including David Letterman, more often than not ignore Obama’s missteps or try to protect him from his own record via misleading statistics.

One wonders if CNN will “fact check” Alfred E. Neuman and the folks at Mad Magazine?


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