K-Love Christmas Concert Tour Delivers Gift Of Music, Jesus Across Country


Good tidings, great joy, and amazing music. That’s what the wildly successful K-LOVE Christmas concert tour has been bringing to audiences nationwide. Venues have been packed throughout the tour–packed with a purpose. Those fortunate enough to take in one of the shows were not only treated to some incredible acts but they also had the opportunity to praise Jesus Christ through musical testimony.

This marks the third year for the annual K-LOVE Christmas Tour which is clearly gaining steam. As more and more people are exposed to the joy of contemporary Christian music, more people are turning out at these shows. K-LOVE has been adding stations all across the U.S. helping to enhance the popularity of the artists and music they showcase. A concert from K-LOVE has the feel of a rock show, a family reunion, and a powerful church service all rolled into one. The smiles on the faces of concert goers at 15 stops in 12 states proves the effort is resonating.

The lineup at the shows read like an All-Star team. Headliner Jeremy Camp joined Chris August, Plumb, and Love & The Outcome–a riveting mix of talent and worship. Along with the sprinkling in of some of the artists’ hits, they played Christmas music for fans of all ages. Along with praise and fun, the concert also promotes service and outreach. The K-LOVE Christmas Tour partners with Feed the Children, generating big bucks to provide food and other items to children and families in need. That’s worth the price of admission right there.

As far as those on stage, they seem to enjoy the tour as much as the people that come to hear them play. Jeremy Camp’s closing act had the audience on their feet. He delivers the amazing message of Jesus and at the same time has a blast doing so. At one point the big screen in back of Camp’s band showed clips from holiday favorites like Christmas Vacation, The Grinch, and A Christmas Story. An approach that may just grab the attention of some who are not born again just yet.

“We grew up watching a lot of Christmas movies and so it was sort of a nostalgic blast of the past that we thought people would enjoy,” Camp told Breitbart News. “Although it’s a fun intro, hopefully more than anything they walk away with a reminder of the incredible gift of salvation we have in Jesus.”

Camp is not only a devout Christian but a passionate family man too. When he’s away from home performing he often sings to a picture of his wife taped on stage. The father of three has noticed his music has benefited as his family has grown. “With every child we’ve had, I’ve felt the weight of responsibility grow as a Dad,” Camp said. “I want to be there for my kids and be a godly example to them. It’s definitely made me rely on the Lord more for His strength and wisdom.”

The extraordinary music Camp produces includes elements of a humble beginning. “Although we were super poor growing up, my parents were such a great example of what it meant to live by faith,” said Camp. “I never saw them complain about what we did or didn’t have. They always taught us to pray, be content, and trust the Lord to provide, and He always did.” He continues to do so.

During and after Bible college Camp led worship at a host of churches in Southern California. He didn’t really think much about being in the Christian music scene, instead seeing himself as more of a worship leader. That all changed drastically. “Some friends said I should record a demo of songs that I had written, so I did and a friend gave it to someone who worked at a record label,” Camp said. “The Lord opened the doors and I ended up signing a deal with them (BEC) and very soon started touring.” His legions of fans are pleased he did.

Camp continues to tour and he loves it. The K-LOVE Christmas Tour is extra special to him. “My favorite part of it is being able to celebrate and remember what Jesus has done for us,” Camp said.

“I Will Follow” is Camp’s new album that comes out February 3, 2015. “I am so excited about this album,” Camp told Breitbart News. “I feel like the Lord has given me a new passion and joy for sharing the gospel through music. I experienced a freedom in this album that I haven’t had before. I hope it encourages those who hear it to have a heart full of surrender and that we will all follow Jesus no matter what comes our way.” If the album provides anything close to the connection Camp shared with fans on the K-LOVE Christmas Tour, he could be looking at a chart topper.

Before Jeremy Camp took the stage, the K-LOVE Christmas Tour showcased three other acts including Plumb. Like Camp, Plumb is an award winning performer who’s sold a lot of albums. Her message of faith, hope, love, and forgiveness however is priceless.

Plumb is not afraid to get very personal about herself–quite the contrary. She tackles serious issues in her best-selling book and on stage. This can help not only Plumb, but others. “To relate to someone, especially when it’s about something painful, brings inspiration, encouragement and hope to both,” she said. “It’s also incredibly therapeutic.”

After separating from her husband, Plumb hit a low point. But, after she turned to Jesus, the couple reconciled through faith. This situation has certainly made an impact on her music. “It has given me new perspective when relating to any reader or listener, or human being for that matter,” Plumb told Breitbart News. “I had never felt as hopeless as I did during our marriage crisis. It has helped me relate to my audience in a way I never had before. And I believe in the Truth I speak of now more than ever before.”

Her husband isn’t the only one who’s at the center of Plumb’s music. One of her hits “Don’t Deserve You” was inspired by her son, Oliver. “He loves so unconditionally and I don’t feel like I deserve him,” Plumb said. “No matter what I do, he loves me anyway. And that’s God to us. He defines unconditional love. And in fact, we DON’T deserve his love. But He truly loves us no matter what. Always. Forever.” That’s a message conveyed by Plumb to all who witnessed the recent tour.

Just like we find in so many of our churches across the country, the K-LOVE Christmas Tour mixes that Sunday praise feeling with some pure unadulterated fun. Plumb was able to transition from her very serious numbers to the old, silly favorite “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas”. The song is a favorite of Plumb’s six-year old daughter who asked her mom to sing it on stage. “It’s a highlight of the night for sure,” Plumb said beaming. The ability to address the hard-core Christ-centered messages of the season, yet enjoy fellowship through a funny song at the same time, sums up the joy of Christmastime and the K-LOVE tour in a microcosm.
“I have been so excited and thankful to be a part of the tour and I have loved every minute of it,” said Plumb. “I am thankful to be surrounded by a wise community that can give clarity: on knowing when to walk through those doors, when to not walk through them and when to be okay that they have closed.”

The latest effort by Plumb, “Exhale” releases in early spring. “Every second I am not out on the road or with my husband and children I am working on finishing it,” said Plumb. “It is the first record I have recorded with the new heart that I have for God. It’s a response to my cup overflowing with thankfulness for a God that gave us not only a new start in marriage but new hearts as well. It’s my offering back to him for what He has done. It’s the only record I’ve ever truly made solely for Him.” Her fans can’t wait.

Along with Jeremy Camp and Plumb, the K-LOVE Christmas Tour also included Texas’ Chris August and the Winnipeg married couple Love & The Outcome. All four acts brought Christmas joy to countless fans across America. Something K-LOVE strives to do on a daily basis.

From the very enjoyable morning show to afternoons with JD Chandler (the Christmas tour emcee), to the other on-air personalities on the station, K-LOVE spreads a message of hope and love to the masses. The concert tour simply brought some visual aid to what K-LOVE delivers through the radio 24-7.

K-LOVE’s slogan is “Positive. Encouraging. K-LOVE.” That’s very fitting. The Christmas tour captured that sentiment beautifully. The sold-out concert tour is a prime example of just how much Christian music is on the rise and demonstrates a twenty-first century way to spread the word of God. K-LOVE is reaching more people each and every day with the message of Jesus Christ through simulcasting on hundreds of stations. That is a great gift for Christmas or anytime.


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