Greg Gutfeld Schools Marilyn Manson for Bashing Charlie Hebdo Writers

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Greg Gutfeld took Marilyn Manson to task earlier this week on Fox News Channel’s The Five for comments the “controversial” rocker made in an interview in which he claimed that Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures of Mohammed were a “dumb idea.”

In an interview with the A.V. Club last week, Manson said he thought it was a “dumb idea” to make fun of a terrorist group.

“Someone asked my opinion about [the Paris attacks], and I said, ‘I can’t say they didn’t ask for it. It’s kind of a dumb idea to do something like that,'” Manson said. “I’m not saying they deserved it. I’m just saying, personally, would I f***ing make fun of a terrorist group? Absolutely not.”

On The Five, Gutfeld called Manson “a rebel for people who think rebellion is wearing black lipstick and loitering in front of a Hot Topic.”

“What happened to the guy who thinks its his job as an artist to be out there pushing people’s buttons and making them question everything?” Gutfeld asked. “Now we know. If the risk is real, and words equal death, his message is, ‘Shut up, and stick to the lipstick.'”

Manson responded quickly on Twitter, calling Gutfeld a “racist.”

“I’m so sad that the ‘racist’ @greggutfeld wasn’t afraid what would happen when he opened his f***cking mouth. God bless you,” Manson tweeted.

“@greggutfeld Have at it kids. Whatever you do, make sure it is biblical,” Manson wrote in a follow-up tweet calling for followers to bash the TV host.

Gutfeld continued the fight on another segment of The Five.

“When this pale-faced pop-tart realizes he has no argument, he tweets, ‘racist,'” Gutfeld remarked. “Since he’s sicced his fans on me, a 16-year old girl asked that Manson actually harm me. Now I’m wondering what Piercing Pagoda I should avoid. I’ll never be able to shop at Spencer’s Gifts again for faux-leather wristbands.”

Gutfeld followed up with Breitbart News regarding the feud:

Remember that time when Marilyn Manson tore up a bible, and all those Methodists tried to behead him? Yeah, no. That’s my point. He wears his previous risk-taking like a badge of honor, then has the audacity to criticize people who lost their lives facing a real bona fide threat.

Manson is part of the ‘I’m for free speech, but…’ crowd. Or what Andrew Klavan calls ‘the Buttheads.’ There is no ‘but’ when it comes to free speech. Having said that – since the feud, I’ve had some lovely conversations with his fans, who were very angry – but then came to understand my perspective. But there were some others who threatened violence (because to them insulting Manson is akin to blasphemy), failing to see the irony in that, since this was all about the freedom to insult – which cost these editors their lives – editors criticized by their idol, Mr. Manson.


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