Latest Comic Confirms DC’s Catwoman Is Bisexual

JD Hancock/Flickr
JD Hancock/Flickr

The latest issue of DC’s comic book series Catwoman confirms that Selina Kyle is bisexual.

75 years after the character was first introduced, the latest issue of the comic book series, No. 39, was released this week, and in it, Kyle kisses another woman, ending decades of fan speculation that the character is attracted to women as well as men, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The revelation comes in a scene in which the character, according to the current story, “has retired as Catwoman to become the head of a crime family in Gotham City.” After a sequence of events, a new character named Eiko takes on the identity of Catwoman, and Kyle confronts and kisses her.

The story’s new writer, Genevieve Valentine, who has been in charge of the series since October, writes in her blog that establishing Selina Kyle as bisexual was something she always has intended to do with the series.

She writes:

She’s flirted around it – often quite literally – for years now; for me, this wasn’t a revelation so much as a confirmation. And as Mark Doyle and I were first hashing out the relationships in this arc, Eiko seemed like the right person: intelligent, driven, in that uncanny valley of Almost Catwoman, and knows enough about Selina that their honesty has become something of a shelter in a situation that’s getting increasingly dishonest for everybody involved. The more we talked about it, the more it was something I wanted to make happen.

Valentine stated, “Was it a surprise for them? In terms of their sexualities, not particularly; certainly it’s no surprise to Selina that she has an attraction to a woman.”

Catwoman No. 39 is now available in both comic book stores and digitally.


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