Nickelodeon Sneaks Photo of Topless Woman in Children’s Cartoon

Nickelodean cartoon
Nickelodean cartoon

Nickelodeon has been forced to pull an episode of the popular animated show “Oggy and the Cockroaches” from its website after parents complained about a scene featuring an image of a topless woman.

The children’s network sneakily slipped in a picture of a busty cartoon character in this scene, wearing bikini bottoms and giant sunglasses on the wall. Her breasts are fully exposed:

One angry parent told TMZ he was forced to explain the female anatomy to his son, after the young boy saw the provocative image.

Others have shared their outrage on social media, where the incident is now being referred to as “#boobgate.”

The episode aired on March 5, but has since been removed from the show’s schedule, as well as the network’s homepage.


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