DAVI: Hollywood Aghast at Indiana Law, Silent on Killings

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Several weeks ago I wrote an article that focused on an actor who, while playing a part in a TV series, spit on a statue of Jesus Christ.

I mentioned in the article that the Judeo-Christian values that our country was founded on are under siege. I shared how Hollywood will happily create characters that spit on faith but lack the balls to speak out against the killing of Christians, Jews, and peace-loving Muslims. It is almost as if my friends in Hollywood all have their heads in the sand.

You see, these progressives would rather spit in the face of a Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Michael Savage than speak out against a threat to the freedoms we all hold dear and people that gladly behead those who disagree.

You may say “oh, you exaggerate ” or “here he goes again with his misguided rant against progressive liberals.” Let me just say this … we are on the precipice, my dear friends. We are approaching a tipping point. We are being saturated by a disgusting display of apathy by this administration in galvanizing the world against what we see happening by the killing of Christians.

In the article I referenced above I spoke of a new crusade and having the Knights of Judeo-Christian values rise up and combat the persecution of Christians, Jews, and peace-loving Muslims.

I was being a bit satirical to make a point, and some attacked me for saying I wanted an army of Christians to become radicalized. To be clear, that is not what I meant. What I had hoped to accomplish was getting the Hollywood community to stand up and be vocal about such atrocities. My plea was met with silence.

What I find interesting is the current issue in Indiana about religious freedom draws more outrage than the genocide of Christians. Why have the same people who cry out for gay marriage not cried out against what is happening in the Middle East to Christians?

Why does the Beverly Hills Hotel get blacklisted by Hollywood because its owner the Sultan of Brunei established Sharia Law (which does not allow gay marriage) in his own country and yet take millions of dollars in film funding from others who also practice Sharia in their homes and respective countries?

Why is there a boycott of Indiana from the Governor of New York and others, and yet hundreds of millions of dollars are accepted from a more radical religious belief and mindset against gay marriage than those in Indiana will ever have?

This hypocrisy has me baffled. Rachel Maddow, why do you not lead the charge against this? Why do not some leaders in the gay and Hollywood communities take pause and have a gentler understanding of the religious right and a more vocal outrage to the killing of Christians?

Let me say that while I am Roman Catholic, I do not oppose gay marriage. There are many who do not, and of course there are some who are not able to accept it, for whatever reason. That is their right to do so.

Must someone who does not want to convert to Islam be beheaded? That is what is happening. I say this to the gay community, if the world continues on the path it is currently on, and if we continue to elect leaders who will not speak out and define what is happening to the hijacking of a religion, by the year 2055 the beheading of gays and lesbians could be the next scourge.

You in the gay community must understand that while those of the Christian right who may not want to change the definition of marriage since the dawn of man, it is the Christian right who will be there to protect you while you find your heads on a block.

Wake up, Hollywood. Wake up, my gay brothers and sisters. We are being pitted against each other by forces that are so devious our very existence lies in the balance.

I will leave you with this provocative thought, and I in no way equate this with gay marriage but only want an extreme example. We all know that the definition of marriage is in question. If this is so, what if someday a satanic cult rises up, and in that cult the marriage ceremony is the sacrifice of a first-born child. If you were the owner of a restaurant would you gladly have the ceremony at your establishment? Please answer honestly.

May God bless us all.


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