Cut the Cord: How to Protest ESPN’s Curt Schilling Suspension in 3 Easy Steps


Because my enemies are legion (and not terribly bright), let’s get this out of the way: It is wrong to compare Muslims to Nazis. Baseball great Curt Schilling  did not do that. In a Tweet that resulted in a pandering suspension from the left-wing sports network ESPN, Schilling compared Muslim extremists to Nazis.

Comparing Muslim extremists to Nazis is not wrong, it is science.

ESPN knows this but ESPN (which is owned by Disney) has grown into an increasingly ugly, left-wing propaganda machine. What should be America’s Pleasure Island away from political division — sports — has been destroyed by ESPN. All that Disney money is now being used to buy all that sports programming that makes tens of millions of sports fans captive to The Realpolitik.

Have you had enough?

How much of this abuse are you going to take?

How much of this abuse are you going to take before you do something?

Oh, you didn’t know you had The Power to do something?

Well, you do — because your cable company and ESPN have been playing you for a sucker for decades.

Before I get to The Three Easy Steps, here’s how the cable television/ESPN racket works:

If ESPN is part of your cable package — and it most likely is — whether you watch or not, this leftwing propaganda outlet soaks you for $6.61 a month.

No, for real.

By working out a pay TV system (cable and satellite) that forces you to pay for dozens of networks you do not watch, ESPN (and other left-wing networks like CNN, MTV, and MSNBC) gets a piece of your obscenely-overpriced cable bill.

Moreover, no other cable network makes more money this way than ESPN. And with somewhere around 90 million subscribers, that adds up to close to $7 billion annually.

And $80 a year comes from you.

In other words, you can’t hurt ESPN by not watching ESPN. Ad revenue based on the number of viewers is only a part of ESPN’s revenue stream.

ESPN’s got you in a box. Watch or no, they make buku off you.

There’s only one way to send a message to ESPN, and you have the power to do it in just Three Easy Steps.

  1. Call your cable company.
  2. Cancel your cable.
  3. Sit back and watch ESPN implode.

Listen, I’m not a sports guy, so I can’t answer the question of whether or not watching The Games are worth funding The Apparatchik. What I can tell you is that with the purchase of a $49 Roku (which is essentially a cable box) an extraordinary Streaming world awaits — a world that is a whole lot cheaper than cable.

For $20 you can subscribe to Netflix and Amazon. Not only is there more TV than you could watch in a lifetime, unlike cable, there is not 20 minutes of catheter ads every hour.

You have the power to send ESPN a message.

Make the call.

For America.


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