‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: If Republicans Were Truly Pro-Life, They’d Be Pro-Gun Control

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On October 5, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah suggested that if Republicans were truly pro-life, they would be pro-gun control.

According to Raw Story, Noah’s goal was to imagine “what would happen if Republicans put as much effort into regulating guns as they did womens’ [sic] reproductive health.” They quoted Noah saying, “The amount of lives [Republicans] save could reach superhero levels.” But he said doing this will require “a superhero’s total dedication to life,” and he does not see that in Republicans.

Rather, Noah said, “[Republicans are] more like comic book collectors: human life only holds value until you take it out of the package, and then it’s worth nothing.”

Here’s the problem: Noah made being pro-gun control part of saving lives without grappling with the surging loss of life now evident in highly gun-controlled cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, New York City, and St. Louis, among others. Moreover, he did not address what would happen to the thousands of lives currently protected each day via justifiable defensive gun uses (DGUs).

Breitbart News previously reported that Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck has shown that approximately 760,000 DGUs occur each year. That works out to about 2,082 DGUs a day, which signifies multiple lives defended every day with a gun. How could taking guns away from the real people behind these DGUs actually result in saving lives?

Chicago and other gun-controlled cities stand as proof that taking them away may only incite criminals to attack those who are suddenly unable to defend themselves. Such a position does not seem to be a pro-life one.

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