Rose McGowan Hijacks ‘White’ Bipartisan D.C. Event to Attack GOP Over Abortion

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Actress Rose McGowan “hijacked” a Washington political gala aimed at promoting bipartisan dialogue over the weekend, by attacking a room full of the attendees for being “old, privileged white men,” and going after Republicans over abortion, equal pay, and integration.

As a guest, the Charmed actress attended a Sunday event hosted by No Labels, an organization that is co-chaired by former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, and seeks to “bridge the divide between Democrats and Republicans,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

No Labels looks to break up partisan D.C. gridlock, by encouraging lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to “buy-in” and work together, the group’s website states.

McGowan announced a plan to disrupt the event on Twitter, and eventually stood up to take over:

“May I speak for one minute, gentlemen and ladies? I’m just going to be very, very quick. I want to thank you for your interest in nonpartisanship,” McGowan interjected. “I’m completely hijacking this.”

She added; “I have a life filled with struggle. I am a small business owner. I am an investor. In short, I am an American. And I do see nonpartisanship, but I’ve heard this stuff for years. For years. And what I see is this very, very white room, which is shocking and leads me to believe that maybe you don’t actually integrate with my America.”

The pro-abortion feminist then took aim at Republicans.

“I believe every Republican voted down equal pay for women, right? But you’re talking about your single mothers growing up. To do what? To engender, like, weepiness about that? …I know real America. I am not from Hollywood. I am accidental tourist there. I own homes in four countries—little tiny ones,” she said.

“And I would say to you: One, Get out of my body; two, Equal pay for women; three, Integrate. You cannot make laws for America without knowing it,” she added, while also blasting the group’s attendees for being opposed to same-marriage.

CNN political reporter Sara Murray tweeted after McGowan stormed out:

McGowan also took to Twitter after exiting the event:

Watch McGowan’s comments in full, which she record herself with a smart phone, here.

The actress later took to her Facebook page to explain the tirade:

I hijacked a Republican & Democratic gala tonight. I fought back. After two hours of listening to old privileged white men discuss what Americans want without being integrated with any America that I know. These men, who VOTED DOWN EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN, who VOTED AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE, and VOTED AGAINST THEIR CONSTITUENT’S BEST INTERESTS, we’re so comfortable phoning in these pandering, masturbatory speeches- I knew I had to act. So I stepped the fuck up. After years of volunteering for candidates, and stumping for those who aren’t standing for me… I took back my power. My power is my voice. Tonight I used my voice. My heart was racing, but I did it anyway. And I walked out with my fist held high.

The scene: At the end of a long night of listening to Joe Lieberman and Senator Lindsey Graham, and then about twenty other Uber white one percenter politicians, they decided to have the “celebrities” in the crowd stand up. We were the last people who had to be clapped for, it was out the door for these egos right after my asinine turn to be on display. I held my hand up straight in the air and REFUSED to put it down until I could speak. They weren’t calling on me, but I think it may have been ex-senator Evan Bayh who said to let me speak. It may have been. I don’t know, all the blood was rushing to my face and my heart was so loud in my ears. But I spoke. Oh boy did I speak.

Fuck. I went hard. Needless to say I have been DISinvited from the political hoopla happening tomorrow.

I had to.


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