Captain America’s New Villains: Conservatives

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Captain America has a new enemy: conservatives concerned about illegal immigration.

In an all-new comic issued by Marvel on Wednesday, the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, is an openly partisan superhero who decides something must be done about those darned pesky conservatives.

In “Captain America: Sam Wilson #1,” Wilson heads to the border to take on an “evil” militia known as the Sons of the Serpent, who are patrolling the area between Mexico and Arizona. The issue’s storyline is laid out in a short video compiled by the Maciver Institute.

Captain America is called down to the border by the mother of an illegal immigrant, who tells Wilson that the Sons of the Serpent have mistaken him for a smuggler, even though he is only providing food and water to those crossing.

“Attention all trespassers! I am the Supreme Serpent!” the group’s leader bellows. “By invading this sovereign land, you defy the laws of God, nature and the United States Constitution! Therefore, I hereby apprehend you by the power vested in me by the aforementioned God, nature, et cetera, et cetera.”

When the immigrant tells the group he does not want any trouble, the Serpent Commander responds: “Oh, I believe you, sir. I can see you have enough trouble with you already, trouble and disease and crime weigh heavy on your backs.”

“Until the mighty wall is built,” the villain continues, “you come here for employment that is rightfully ours! And if denied it, you seek welfare paid for by our tax dollars! Also, you know how you make me press one for English at the beginning of every call to my satellite provider? That is something I cannot abide!”

Of course, Captain America intervenes against the villainous militia, although the issue does apparently end on a cliffhanger, with original Captain America Steve Rogers making a surprise reappearance and ordering his replacement to stand down.

If the “bad guy’s” rhetoric sounds like something Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would say, well, that’s because the writer of the comic, Nick Spencer, has made his opinion about Trump well-known:

Of course, Captain America’s newfound progressivism is just the latest change Marvel has made to its roster of superheroes. Over the past few years, Thor, Hawkeye, and Wolverine became women, Northstar married his boyfriend and a Muslim-American girl of Pakistani descent became Ms. Marvel.


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