Alyssa Milano ‘Feeling the Bern’: Other 2016 Candidates Make Me ‘Sick to My Stomach’

Shea Walsh/AP
Shea Walsh/AP

Actress Alyssa Milano already knows she’ll be casting her vote for Bernie Sanders in this year’s presidential race — because the other 2016 candidates make her “sick to her stomach.”

“I really just am disgusted by where we are right now in the political system,” the Charmed and Who’s the Boss star told HuffPost Live this week. “I think we pin everyone against each other and it’s just creating this really hostile planet and world, and it’s upsetting to me. It’s upsetting that I’m raising kids in this time.”

Milano said that she’s “always been politically active,” but thinking about the current crop of 2016 contenders, apart from Sanders, makes her physically ill.

“I just can’t with any of these candidates,” she told the Huffington Post. “I can’t even — it makes me sick to my stomach, all of it. But Bernie I feel like is a really honest, cool dude. He doesn’t seem like a politician. He doesn’t seem too polished, too rehearsed. I think his intentions are really pure, and I think we need someone with pure intention.”

With her endorsement of Sanders who has been representing his state in DC since 1991, Milano joins a list of more than 100 other “artists and cultural leaders” who have pledged their support for the Vermont senator’s campaign, including Will Ferrell, Danny DeVito, Sarah Silverman, Jeremy Piven, David Crosby, Bonnie Raitt, and members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Milano has indeed been politically active over the past few years. The actress was an early celebrity supporter of Obamacare when computer glitches threatened to derail the online insurance marketplaces, and also voiced her support for gun control following the mass shooting at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College in October.

The actress has also previously weighed in with her opinion on Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

“Trump really does have an amazing resting bitch face,” she tweeted on the night of CNN’s Republican presidential debate in September.


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