Super Bowl 50 Commercials: Best and Worst


For a lot of those watching Sunday evening’s Super Bowl 50, the commercial breaks offered more excitement than the on-field matchup between Peyton Manning’s Broncos and Cam Newton’s Panthers.

As usual, the Big Game featured advertisements both memorable and misguided.

Ads went for a reported $5 million per :30 second spot. Check out some of the best and worst Super Bowl 50 spots below:


Doritos had a cute spot featuring an expectant father playfully taunting his unborn child with a potato chip during his wife’s sonogram, before the father throws the chip across the room and the baby expectantly follows after it. Of course, pro-abortion NARAL was not amused, criticizing the ad for “humanizing fetuses.”

Bud Light:

Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer starred in this take-off of a political ad that featured the duo cracking unfortunate jokes about big “caucuses.”


Heinz scored with its “Meet the Ketchups” spot, which featured a stampede of adorable puppies dressed in hot dog outfits barreling toward ketchup-outfitted humans.

Death Wish Coffee – Intuit:

Intuit gave Death Wish Coffee a spot in this year’s Super Bowl lineup after the small company won a contest. The “fiercely caffeinated” coffeemaker delivered with a cool, flashy Viking-themed ad.


The Church of Scientology shelled out big bucks again to run a spot during the Big Game. This one’s called “Who Am I?” Of course, social media users were quick to question how the Church could afford to run a pricey ad.

Toyota Prius:

Toyota’s bank robbery spot was ambitious and featured some relatively well-known faces (including three castmembers from The Wire), but was too unrealistic to be funny. Does anyone believe a Prius has any shot at getting anywhere in a police chase?


Snickers went for something different by transforming an irate Willem Defoe into Marilyn Monroe with a candy bar. Defoe gets credit for being fully committed to the ad. Of course, NARAL called the ad “transphobic,” and said it “implies women OK w being objectified as long as they have snacks.”

Mountain Dew:

Puppymonkeybaby.” Love it or hate it, it’s here.

Amazon Echo:

Alec Baldwin and Miami Dolphins legend Dan Marino make fun of each other along with some help from actor Jason Schwartzman and rapper Missy Elliott. “How many championships has Dan Marino won?” “How many Oscars has Alex Baldwin won?” Good stuff. Also, Amazon Echo tower is pretty cool.


My personal favorite. A father and former “Commander” takes the spaceship-like Audi R8 out for a ride with his son in order to re-live his glory days in space. Respectful use of David Bowie’s “Starman” to drive the action.

Which Super Bowl ads were your favorite?


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