Haim Saban: Donald Trump is ‘Dangerous’ to Israel

Mary Calvert/Reuters
Mary Calvert/Reuters

Hollywood’s Haim Saban, the Egyptian-born, Israeli-raised billionaire entertainment mogul and Hillary Clinton donor, warned an Israeli television channel Saturday that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is “dangerous” for Israel.

“We’re seeing a serious campaign and a tsunami of support for Donald Trump. He’s a dangerous clown. He’s dangerous to the world and dangerous to Israel… he’s unpredictable. Nobody knows whats going on in his head. One day he supports Israel, and the other he’s saying he’s neutral,” Saban told Israel’s Channel 2, according to the Jerusalem Post.

In contrast, he said, Hillary Clinton would be wonderful for Israel: “Hillary would be great for Israel, she would be great for the Middle East, she would be great for the world … Hillary will be excellent for those who back a two-state solution. For those who don’t believe in the two-state solution, then she would not be so great … because she believes in it.”

Saban, the California-based producer behind the Power Rangers and other hit children’s shows, is a major contributor to pro-Israel causes, and to the Democratic Party.

Last year, in an unusual step, he opposed President Barack Obama’s Iran deal, calling it “very bad” and something that the pro-Israel community needed to “fight against.” Saban also suggested that Hillary Clinton also opposed the Iran deal, hoping to signal to the pro-Israel community that she had a more acceptable position than her boss.

Later, Saban said that he accepted the deal as a “fait accompli.” Contrary to Saban’s reassurances, Clinton embraced the deal and has campaigned on her support for it i the 2016 presidential race.

Last week, Breitbart News reported a campaign to convince Jews in particular that Donald Trump is unacceptable, based largely on smears and innuendo.


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