California Owes Donald Trump and Other Celebrities A Whole Lot of Money

Donald Trump at CNN GOP Debate (John Locher / Associated Press)
John Locher / Associated Press

The state of California owes a whole lot of money to a whole lot of celebrities and businesses.

According to Deadline, the state’s $8 billion Unclaimed Property Fund owes hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of dollars to celebrities and public figures like GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, George Clooney, David Geffen, Elton John, Aaron Sorkin, Angelina Jolie, Rupert Murdoch, Sen. Al Franken and hundreds of other people and companies who have done business in the Golden State.

The website for the California State Controller’s Office explains the unusual Unclaimed Property Law:

The law “requires corporations, businesses, associations, financial institutions, and insurance companies (referred to as “Holders”) to annually report and deliver property to the California State Controller’s Office after there has been no activity on the account or contact with the owner for a period of time specified in the law — generally (3) three years or more.

Donald Trump is reportedly owed $3,000, while music mogul David Geffen is owed $5,741. Actress Cate Blanchett is owed more than $16,000 and Bill Murray is entitled to $15,000 from the state fund.

Stevie Wonder may want to collect the $91,400 he is owed sooner rather than later. Aretha Franklin can claim $8,500, while supermodel Cindy Crawford and actor Hank Azaria are similarly owed over $8,000 each. Al Roker, Don Rickles, Nick Nolte, Kathy Bates, Graham King and Chloe Moretz are all owed over $5,000.

George Clooney, Aaron Sorkin, Michael Caine, Bono, Angelina Jolie are all reportedly owed around $1,000, while Bill and Camille Cosby are owed $9,000.

The fund also pays out unclaimed money to corporations, businesses and unions in the state. DirecTV is owed $130,000; Disney $95,000; Fox Broadcasting $48,000; Sony $75,000; SAG-AFTRA $69,000; Technicolor $60,000.

And on and on and on. The list is exhaustive. California residents can find out if they are owed any unclaimed money by visiting the State Contoller’s website and filling out a form. Claims under $5,000 can be filed online.

Below, find some of Hollywood’s best and brightest who are owed thousands in unclaimed money from the state of California, courtesy of Deadline:

Ron Perlman                    $4,638

Geoffrey Rush                  $4,085

Tom Selleck                      $3,915

Wesley Snipes                   $3,607

Quincy Jones                    $3,600

Shia LaBeaof                    $2,681

Dustin Hoffman               $2,482

Lude Law                           $2,330

Faye Dunaway                   $2,300

Tony Plana                          $2,130

Colin Firth                          $2,089

Smokey Robinson              $1,975

Terrence Howard                $1,904

Meg Ryan                               $1,884

Donald Sutherland             $1,830

Tori Spelling                         $1,785

Charles S. Dutton                $1,750

Director Peter Weir             $1,746

Owen Wilson                         $1,619

Graham Green                      $1,540

Joel Schumacher                  $1,500

SNL’s Kenan Thompson     $1,442

Sofia Vergara                         $1,413

Dan Aykroyd                         $1,393

Kurtwood Smith                   $1,253

Carol Burnett                         $1,231

The Real’s Jeannie Mai       $1,168

Keira Knightly                       $1,152

Ian McKellen                         $1,121

Charlie Sheen                        $1,104

Brian Grazer                          $1,095

Julie Christie                         $1,089

Sylvester Stallone                 $1,089

Producer Edward Zwick      $1,067

Gary Sinise                             $1,057

Mariska Hargitay                  $1,052

Sarah Silverman                    $1,033

Tom Conti                               $1,029

Rachel Weisz                          $1,003

Yaphet Kotto                          $1,000

Mick Jagger                                $919

Katherine Heigl                         $912

Adrien Brody                             $904

Bono                                            $900

Katherine Heigl                        $900

Producer Grant Helsov           $892

Jimmy Smits                             $837

Reese Witherspoon                 $827

Jon Hamm                                $827

Queen Latifah                           $749

Chris Pratt                                 $714

Lisa Kudrow                              $713

Jerry Bruckheimer                   $700

Virginia Madsen                      $688

James L. Brooks                       $675

Jay Z                                           $669

Sam Rubin                                $660

Courtney Love                          $653

Conan O’Brien                          $648

Linda Blair                                 $640

Stockard Channing                   $631

Albert Finney                            $623

William Hurt                             $617

Gary Busey                                 $617

Eric Braeden                              $611

Ozzie Osbourne                        $610

Billy Bob Thornton                  $599

Common                                     $596

Kenneth Branagh                      $569

Giovanni Ribisi                          $568

Yardley Smith                             $554

Alfred Molina                              $553

Matt Lauer                                   $539

Britney Spears                            $528

Andrew Braugher                       $523

Halle Berry                                  $506

Renee Zellweger                         $485

Prince                                           $485

Blake Lively                                 $484

Juliette Lewis                              $484


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