Sarah Palin to Battle Bill Nye on Panel for Anti-Climate Change Film ‘Climate Hustle’

Sarah Palin
Gage Skidmore

Sarah Palin is set to participate in a panel discussion in Washington, D.C. in May following the nationwide screening of the fact-based climate change documentary Climate Hustle.

Live event movie company Fathom Events is teaming with SpectiCast to present Climate Hustle in nearly 400 theaters on May 2, according to Variety. The film, from director Christopher Rogers (Where the Grass is Greener), “tears the cover off of global warming hype and shows what’s really behind this multi-billion dollar scam.”

Palin will reportedly appear at a panel discussion in Washington following the screening of the film, alongside Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, as well as Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell and Bill Nye the Science Guy.


In a statement to Variety, Palin said she is “very passionate” about the issue of climate change, and said the film “presents strong arguments” against the theory of man-made global warming “in a very relatable way.”

“People who do not believe in American exceptionalism have made this into a campaign issue, so it’s vital that the other side be heard,” Palin told the outlet. “I’m very pleased that this is written and spoken in layman’s terms. My dad taught science to fifth and sixth graders and it was very important to him that science be presented in an understandable way.”

Climate Hustle is hosted and narrated by Marc Morano, founder of The film reportedly includes interviews with prominent scientists and climate researchers, including Georgia Tech climatologist Dr. Judith Curry and former NASA scientist Dr. John Theon.

“This film is truly unique among climate documentaries,” Morano told Variety. “Climate Hustle presents viewers with facts and compelling video footage going back four decades, and delivers a powerful presentation of dissenting science, best of all, in a humorous way. This film may change the way you think about ‘global warming.'”

For tickets and a list of participating theaters, visit the Climate Hustle website at

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