WATCH: Jay Leno Returns to ‘Tonight Show’ to Roast Trump, Clinton


Former Tonight Show host Jay Leno took over for current host Jimmy Fallon during the opening monologue of Wednesday night’s episode, during which the comedian poked fun at both Democrat and Republican presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Midway through his own monologue, Fallon jokingly hobbled around with a fake injury to his leg. It was then that he “tagged in” Leno, who hosted The Tonight Show for 20 years before retiring in February 2014.

Leno, 66, began his bit by revealing the least popular baby names of 2016: “Donald and Hillary.”

“Now, Hillary Clinton says she is the most transparent candidate in modern history. How many can see right through her?” Leno quipped.

“Bill [Clinton] has been campaigning for her, and I don’t think he’s helping,” Leno went on. “Like, last week in San Diego, Bill stopped to kiss a baby, which is usually okay – except the kid was breastfeeding at the time, which made it awkward.”

Leno also went on to ding the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

“I’ve been enjoying Donald Trump’s new reality show, ‘The Amazing Racist,'” he joked. “There’s actually a dating site for Trump supporters called … Because sometimes screwing the entire country just isn’t enough.”

Making sure not to leave any of the current 2016 presidential aspirants out, Leno also jabbed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

“Bernie Sanders is still upset because he says his fundraising dinners didn’t raise as much money as Hillary Clinton’s,” Leno said. “Well of course they didn’t – nobody wants to eat dinner at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. How much Cream of Wheat can you eat?”

The Jay Leno’s Garage star even managed to get a dig in on the president: “President Obama’s doing well, approval ratings are at 51 percent,” he said, adding: “The other 49 percent are taxpayers.”

After rejoining the fray, Fallon took one final swipe at Hillary Clinton.

“I got one!” Fallon says. “The economy is so bad, Hillary Clinton deleted all of her emails except the ones from Groupon.”


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