Marvel Turns Donald Trump into Comic Book Villain

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has once again taken aim at Donald Trump, this time by making him the arch-villain in a new issue of Spiderman spinoff series Spider-Gwen.

In Spider-Gwen Annual #1 — which centers on an alternate universe in which Peter Parker’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacey, was the one bitten by a radioactive spider — the villainous Modok bears more than a striking resemblance to the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

In the new comic, Modok is now M.O.D.A.A.K. (Mental Organism Designed as America’s King), a giant-headed villain with a tiny body who plans to rule the world.

“If America will not act… M.O.D.A.A.K. must!” the character exclaims in one panel from the issue.

“Must make America…” the character begins to say after being struck in the head by an object.

The issue hails from Marvel Comics’ Jason Latour, Jim Campbell and Chris Visions and was released this week.

This is not the first time that an issue of a Marvel comic book has made Trump out to be a villain.

In Issue No. 1 of Steve Rogers: Captain America, released in May, the nefarious Nazi Red Skull delivers a hardline anti-immigration speech before calling for a race war on behalf of the evil organization Hydra.

“I have just come from Europe–my homeland, in fact,” Red Skull tells a group of his followers. “And do you know what I saw there? It was an invading army. These so-called “refugees” – millions of them – marching across the continent, bringing their fanatical beliefs and their crime with them. They attack our women, and bomb our cities. And how do our leaders respond? Do they push them back and enforce the borders, as is our sovereign duty? Of course not. They say, ‘Here, take our food. Take our shelter. Take our way of life, and then take our lives.’ Despicable.”

As Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston previously reported, that issue of Captain America sought to equate criticism of the Syrian refugee problem with Nazism.


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