Marvel Unveils Comic Book Cover Art Inspired by Beyoncé Anti-Police ‘Formation’ Video


Marvel Comics is paying tribute to Beyoncé by using imagery from the singer’s anti-police music video “Formation” for the newest issue of the America Chavez series.

The cover shows America Chavez, a queer Latina superhero, sporting an outfit similar to the one Beyoncé wore in the “Formation” music video. The progressive superhero is seen in a stars-and-stripes strapless skirt and an Uncle Sam-esqe top hat.

The character America Chavez was first introduced in 2010 and, according to The Verge, had been featured in Young Avengers and Ultimates titles before getting her own series last year. Chavez’s powers include the ability to punch through dimensions with superhuman strength and speed.

Beyoncé debuted the politically-charged music video for “Formation” last February, just before she performed the song alongside backup dancers sporting Black Panther-inspired outfits during the Super Bowl halftime show. The widely-viewed performance sparked the hashtag #BoycottBeyoncé to immediately begin trending on social media.

The Grammy-winner’s “Formation” video is filled with Black Lives Matter references; in one scene, for instance, a group of police officers are seen standing in front of a graffiti’d wall with the words “STOP SHOOTING US” on it.

“Formation” is also the name of Beyoncé’s world tour, which was boycotted by several law enforcement organizations, including those in Pittsburgh, Arlington, Texas and Miami.

Marvel’s America is set to hit the shelves in March 2017.


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