British Singer M.I.A.: Trump Administration Full of ‘Pathological Liars’

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

British singer M.I.A. claimed that President Donald Trump’s administration is full of “pathological liars” in a series of charged social media posts this week.

“Mental disorder is serious. Psychopathic behaviour traits should be analysed in schools / collages etc I don’t believe there’s no cure!” the “Paper Planes” singer wrote on Twitter.

“You know trumps office shows signs,” she added. “They r pathological liers. All politicians should go though vetting for psychopathic behaviour trait [sic].”

The England-born singer continued, criticizing Twitter for its failure to police speech from the mentally ill.

“Twitter doesn’t delete the accounts of people with mental disorder for free speech sake. It has to be “hate speech” i.e a racial slur,” she said. “Since twitter provides a platform to people with disorder. they should fund research on how we can help, prevent and cure people suffering.”

At the end of her rant accusing Trump staffers of suffering from mental illness, M.I.A. revealed that she is dyslexic and said she values having “responsible” thoughts.

Last month, the 41-year-old singer posted lyrics from a new song, called “POWA” on Twitter. The song featured an apparent anti-Trump lyric: “Throw up my finger and I’m taking on the (Trump) Tower and Super-kala fascist racist espi-ala-tazors.”

M.I.A. has also tackled immigration and the European migrant crisis. In a 2015 music video for the song “Borders,” the British singer is seen scaling a large fence and huddled up on a boat alongside a large group of refugees.


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