Michael Moore Takes Broadway Show Audience to Protest Outside Trump Tower

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Filmmaker Michael Moore and actor Mark Ruffalo helped lead a star-studded protest outside Trump Tower in Manhattan Tuesday night immediately following a performance of Moore’s one-man, anti-Trump Broadway show.

The Fahrenheit 9/11 director cut his Broadway show, The Terms of My Surrender, short as he joined the Avengers star and a group of people to board double-decker buses to Trump Tower on 6th Avenue.

“We want him to hear us,” Ruffalo said in an Instagram video, in response to the president’s remarks following the neo-Nazi and white nationalist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend. The stars organized a sort of vigil for 32-year old Virginia-native Heather Heyer, who was killed as a result of James Fields Jr. ramming his car into a counter-protest march that took place in downtown Charlottesville moments after the Unite the Right rally had been cleared by law enforcement.

Heading to Trump Tower for a candle light vigil for Heather Heyer who was murdered by an Alt Right American Nazi.

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“He’s in there right now,” Moore said, referring to Trump’s top floor penthouse. “We are here to perform a citizen’s arrest — well, there’s lots of police here, maybe they’ll do it for us! It’d be easier, right?”

Actress Olivia Wilde joined the protests and led the crowd in anti-Trump chants. “Trump is not a legitimate president! Trump is not America! We love America!” said Wilde, whose mother is a U.S. House candidate in Virginia.

Earlier in the evening Moore had teased a “surprise guest” and that he would take his audience somewhere.

After the rally, Moore took to Twitter to fire off a series of anti-Trump tweets and call on his supporters to boycott the businesses of CEOs who sit on Trump’s various advisory councils.

“Send a message to the CEOs on Trump’s Advisory Councils. Boycott GM & Ford cars, Campbell Soup, Dell Computers, Whirlpool appliances,” Moore wrote. “Walmart, Pepsi, anything by GE, IBM computers, Dow Ziplock bags, 3M Post-It Notes, Tylenol, Corningware and Motrin. Boycott them all.”


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