Hillary Clinton Senior Advisors Attack Boyfriend of Weinstein’s Alleged Rape Victim


The boyfriend of Asia Argento, one of the three women who claimed to have been raped by Harvey Weinstein, is under attack by Hillary Clinton aides. His sin? Daring to criticize Clinton’s response to the news that one of her longtime friends and biggest donors is the stuff of nightmares.

As originally reported by the Washington Free Beacon, Argento’s boyfriend is celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, a hardcore leftist, who is now being treated like the Democrats treat all apostates: scorched earth. After watching Hillary’s interview on CNN Wednesday afternoon, Bourdain tweeted:

Despite announcing the fact that he was “sitting next to one” of Weinstein’s alleged rape victims, he was still told by Hillary’s former campaign spokesman Brian Fallon to “go eat a scorpion or something”:

Hillary’s communications director Nick Merrill also jumped in:

It looks as though the unbelievably nasty Cintonistas have not changed at all from the 1990s.

Those of us who were around then will always remember how every female Bill Clinton accuser was relentlessly smeared and defamed — not only by White House staffers, but by their allies in the national media.


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