Alec Baldwin: ‘We Can’t Be Mean Enough’ to Trump

Alec Baldwin attends the Get Out The Vote celebration for People For The American Way on November 1, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for People For The American Way)
Andrew Toth/Getty Images for People For The American Way

Alec Baldwin, best known for his role impersonating President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, said that people could “not be mean enough” to Trump because he’s wasting the “tremendous opportunity” of serving as president.

“We can’t be mean enough to this guy,” Baldwin told an audience at George Washington University, his alma mater, claiming that President Trump was squandering the “tremendous opportunity” he had been given to serve as president.

“I thought he would take a deep breath and say, ‘I’m the president now,’ and begin to focus on, not only the power and the prestige and all of those kinds of tactile but more common perks and benefits of being president,” Baldwin said.

“The president of the United States, beyond anyone alive, maybe more than anyone alive in the world, has the view of humanity that you could never get somewhere else,” Baldwin continued.

The talk was also meant to promote Baldwin’s new book, You Can’t Spell America Without Me, a satirical memoir of Trump’s time in office.

Baldwin also claimed he would make a good president himself, and mentioned a possible run for office.

“Would I think I’d be a good president? Yeah, I think I’d be a good president,” he said. “To run for office is something that I want to do,” he said, adding that it “doesn’t seem to be practical with my lifestyle and my children.”

The SNL star shared a similar viewpoint earlier this year, arguing that Trump will win in 2020 unless another more compelling candidate were to run against him. Baldwin went so far as to suggest that he would consider running for office.

“I would love to run for office because I think people need something different,” Baldwin said in an April interview with Extra, adding, “I think that all the people that are on deck in 2020, none of them are going to win.”

In June, it was announced that Baldwin would reprise his role impersonating President Trump on the award-winning comedy show, having previously suggested he was ready to retire the character.

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