Gloria Allred Demands Blacklist Against ‘Alleged’ Hollywood Harassers, Abusers

Photo by: Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx 2017 10/25/17 Actress Natassia Malthe (with her attorney Gloria Allred) at a press conference alleging that Harvey Weinstein raped her in a London hotel after a Bafta awards ceremony, in the latest claim of sexual assault by the disgraced movie mogul. In the latest of …
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Left-wing feminist attorney Gloria Allred says that those facing allegations of sexual misconduct should be blacklisted from winning an Oscar or any other Hollywood award.

“There is an argument by some that only the work, the body of work of an actor, should be taken into account when deciding whether or not to vote for that actor,” Allred says in a video published at TMZ. “I have a different view. I think that if a person is a sexual predator then that should be taken into account, not just his or her acting.”

But Allred is not only talking about those given due process and found guilty — child rapist Roman Polanski, for example. She is not even talking about those like Louis C.K. who has admitted to wrongdoing. No, Allred is calling for an awards blacklist against those who are merely accused.

“I think those are very serious allegations and I don’t think that those should be ignored. Sex predators must pay the price in some way for what they’ve done,” Allred says. “I don’t think we should turn our back on persons who allege that they are victims for any award, whether it’s the Screen Actors Guild award, whether it’s an Oscar.”

Allred calls the allegations the “elephant in the room” and closes with “I think that’s fair to vote against that person and say that sexual abuse of women or minorities or minors.”

Obviously, Allred is calling for a full-blown blacklist, not just against the guilty, but those merely accused. Once an entertainment professional is blacklisted from winning an award for his work, that level of social unacceptability will almost certainly translate into a full-blown blacklist denying this person work of any kind.

The worst part of this approach towards misconduct allegations is the irresponsible power it hands the accuser — an almost magical ability to annihilate another human being merely through the leveling of an accusation. That this power can and will be abused is without question — which is why we have a process in America called due process and the rule of law.

What we are seeing here is no different from the Hollywood blacklist of the 1950s, where anyone even suspected of communist sympathies was pushed out of the industry. Actually, it is worse. As immoral as it was, at least during that blacklist there was a way back. You could renounce communism and name names. This growing #MeToo blacklist offers no way back from banishment.

Without a doubt, on top of the ignorant and unfair blacklisting campaign against Woody Allen, this is yet another example of the well-intentioned #MeToo movement taking a brutally ugly turn that too many revolutions take once the so-called revolutionaries assume power. We are now in the Robespierre phase, the phase where due process, the presumption of innocence, and basic human decency, are lost in a quest for more and more blood, more and more power.

Left-wing women in Hollywood and the media are now feeling a sense of power,  but too many are abusing that power to either exact revenge via mob justice or because they are desperate to advance their careers, proving themselves cowards by jumping on this immoral bandwagon.

This is going to get a lot uglier before it burns itself out.


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