TMZ’s Harvey Levin: O.J. Simpson ‘Confessed’ to Murder in 2006 Interview

Miami, UNITED STATES: (FILES) Photo dated 09 October 2001 shows O.J. Simpson adjusting his tie before the jury selection of his trial at the Miami circuit court in Miami. Simpson describes in a Fox television interview 'how he would have carried out' the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, …
AL DIAZ/AFP/Getty Images

Fox aired what it described as O.J. Simpson’s “Lost Confession?” Sunday night, but TMZ’s Harvey Levin has removed the question mark and is flat-out declaring the 2006 interview a full confession.

The TMZ headline reads, “O.J. Simpson Confesses to Murder.” Obviously, Levin is not buying the interview in the way Simpson advertised it, as a cynical cash grab where he “hypothetically” recounts how the murder would have gone down “if” he did it.

Levin explains, “He confessed. He said he was speaking hypothetically but very shortly into it, especially describing the night of the murders, he lapses into the first person.”

Levin acknowledges that Simpson goes to “great pains” to use the word “hypothetically,” but once Simpson starts to talk about the actual murder — that began with a confrontation with his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, a young man who was reportedly there to return some glasses Nicole’s mother had left at his restaurant — Simpson drops the use of the word “hypothetical” and uses the word “I” to describe his anger.

“So all of a sudden, he’s giving all this great detail,” Levin explains. “And then all of a sudden, he says, ‘I grabbed the knife’ … So he confesses.”

“The grossest thing I think I’ve seen in … this whole saga,” Levin adds, “[Simpson] is describing what he did, what he did, what he did; all of a sudden, it clicks in his head that ‘Oh, my God, I’m suddenly talking in the first person’ and then he snaps and says, ‘I should be talking hypothetically.’ And then he just breaks into this belly laugh.” Levin explains his disgust, “So he’s just confessed to the murder of the mother of his children and his reaction is a belly laugh.”

Here is Levin’s full statement:

Here is a clip from the 2006 interview that aired Sunday:

Simpson not only goes into the details explained by Levin, he goes so far as to explain where the infamous bloody glove came from. In his “hypothetical” story, it was his glove, not something planted by police. He said he removed it to take the murder weapon, a knife, from a friend who was with him at the scene, someone the disgraced former running back calls “Charlie.”

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