Michael Rapaport: ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ Kanye’s Trump Tweets a ‘F**king Problem’


In his latest expletive-laden outburst, actor Michael Rapaport blasted “Cuckoo’s Nest” Kanye West’s recent embrace of President Donald Trump on Twitter, calling the rapper’s decision a “fucking problem.”

“I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat,” Rapaport declared. “Honestly, I don’t know the really know the true difference between a Republican or a Democrat.”

“The fact that ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ Kanye is wearing a MAGA hat, supporting Donald Trump — THAT’s the fucking problem!” he said. “After all he’s said, all he’s done — you support this motherfucker?”


Rapaport’s comments came after West praised Trump on Twitter, even posting a photo of himself wearing a campaign ‘Make America Great Again’ cap.


The actor, 48, went on to question hip-hop artist Nas’s decision to produce an album in collaboration with Kanye West.

“Talking about you’re producing Nas’ record — does Nas know you’re producing his record? Is he aware of this? Or [is it] just some wild shit you tweeted out? Because all the other shit that you tweeted out is wild, and you’re tweeting that shit like you’re kicking knowledge. You’re not kicking knowledge, duke!” Rapoport said.

“This guy was so proud to be the first person to wear skinny jeans,” he continued. “And I remember thinking, ‘That’s nothing to be proud of, motherfucker. That is nothing to brag about.”

Rapaport, who has had roles in TV series such as Prison Break, My Name is Earl, and Boston Public, has gained notoriety over the past year for his expletive-laden online rants criticizing President Trump and other conservative public figures.

Some of Rapaport’s most recent rants include calling Fox News host Laura Ingraham a “filthy pig,” describing Vice President Mike Pence as a “selfish fuck” for his decision to walk out of a Colts game over players protesting the national anthem, and labeling President Trump a “fucking dummy” for his positions on climate change.

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