Lenny Kravitz Depicts Police Brutality, Kaepernick Kneeling in Political ‘It’s Enough’ Music Video

Lenny Kravitz is seen on stage at the GQ Men Of The Year Award 2014 at Komische Oper on November 6, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images for GQ)
Sean Gallup/Getty Images for GQ

Rocker Lenny Kravitz included images of NFL Players such as Colin Kaepernick taking a knee to protest the country in a graphic and politically charged new music video for his latest protest song aimed at terrorism and racism.

Beginning with a disclaimer warning: “This video is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers” Kravitz’s new song entitled “It’s Enough,” features scenes of violent black lives matter protests in cities both in the U.S. and abroad mixed with images of war-torn countries such as Syria.

“People are standing up,” Kravitz said in a statement released with the video. “I’ve had enough of racism. I’ve had enough of war. I’ve had enough of the destruction of the environment and the greed and dishonesty of world leaders. We’ve got to get back on track toward moving forward through higher understanding.”

Along with the “standing up” images of protesters, Kravitz ended the music video with a clip of former San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick taking a knee to protest against American racism and the criminal justice system.

The four-time Grammy-winning singer-song writer noted that the new album Raise Vibration, came flowing out of him after a long period of writer’s block. “This is what I’d been waiting for. And once I started that process, the floodgates opened, and it all started coming out of me. I dreamt the whole record,” he said.

It is Kravitz’ first studio album since Strut debuted in 2014.

The song reiterates many of the complaints from groups like Black Lives Matter, with laments over how things “have not gotten better” for minorities. While the video hints that the world is awash in police brutality.

One segment reads:

45 caliber in [?]
Shot him in the head because of his race
Now that he is dead, will we plead his case?
While the executioner’s out on grace

I just thought somehow
That things would get better

The chorus says:

It’s enough, it’s enough, it’s enough
In the system, you cannot trust
It’s enough, it’s enough
When the whole wide world is corrupt
It’s enough, it’s enough
And we all are just getting fucked
It’s enough, it’s enough

Another verse criticizes unnamed forces that are trying to “control a foreign land” and then accuses those forces of “taking what we can is always the plan.” Then the song oddly notes, “And they know, they know that Africa is the center.”

Kravitz goes on to warble, “When will the desire for love Outweigh the desire for power?”

The song slams “modified” food, takes on the drug industry, indulges conspiracy theories about contrails in the sky, and prosaically cries that “the whole wide world is corrupt.”

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