Disney Reaffirms James Gunn Firing — Media Coverup Fails


James Gunn is out at Disney, out at the Disney-owned Marvel, and after writing and directing the first two, he is out as the director of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

Despite the best efforts of the far-left entertainment media to cover up the worst parts of Gunn’s behavior, it is was announced Wednesday that Disney is standing firm in its decision.

What this proves is that Disney could not count on the establishment and entertainment media to offer the cover necessary to bring Gunn back into the fold. As hard as the trades — Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Deadline, Entertainment Weekly, countless blogs — tried to pave the way for Gunn’s return through lies of omission that misled their readers about the most troubling aspects of his behavior, Disney is probably worried that alternative media would make the coverup impossible.

And do not for a moment think Disney was not eager to bring Gunn back. Not only had he delivered two smash hits and turned an obscure comic book world into a bona fide pop culture sensation, Gunn’s politics are also “correct.” Just like the Walt Disney Co., Gunn is a rabid left-winger and Trump hater.

There is no doubt in my mind that the massive campaign to salvage Gunn’s career was orchestrated at the very top. What is not in doubt, though, is that this campaign was predicated on the following narrative: we cannot allow right-wing Nazis to destroy a good man’s career over “old jokes.”

And that narrative was spread far and wide across almost every entertainment platform in the hope it could bury the truth. And the truth is this…

Gunn is not only guilty of publishing countless “old jokes” about rape and pedophilia, Gunn also has a longtime connection to Huston Huddleston, a sex offender convicted of possessing child pornography. That is not to say Gunn is guilty of association, which would be highly unfair. But…

As Breitbart News has reported countless times, on his own personal blog, Gunn published a video he received from Huddleston of a chorus of high school-aged girls singing “I Touch Myself,” an ode to female masturbation. Gunn titled the video “100 Pubescent Girls Touch Themselves” with the following comment:

Huston Huddleston posted this video on my Facebook page with the note ‘I thought you’d appreciate this,’ My response: ‘Appreciate it?!! I just came all over my own face!!’

Gunn was photographed with Huddleston in 2014.

What’s more, it was not only the entertainment media covering this disturbing fact up, so did the entire Guardians of the Galaxy cast in a misleading open letter released late last month in support of Gunn.

To backstop the deceptive “old joke” narrative, the Huddleston coverup, and the cast support, a grassroots campaign was launched in the form of a petition calling on Disney to reconsider its decision to fire Gunn. As of now, over 380,000 people have signed the petition, but how many of them did so without knowing the full story?

The final piece of the cynical plan to rehire Gunn came in a trial balloon floated last week about Disney reconsidering its decision. This was probably leaked by Disney or Gunn’s representatives (or both) to test the waters, to see how the public would react.

Unfortunately for whoever these schemers were, less than a day later, photos surfaced of Gunn attending a pedophilia-themed costume party some years back.

Predictably, the entertainment media did its best to ignore the latest bombshell, to wish it away, to cover it up, but — and thank heaven for this — in the age of New Media, these corrupt dinosaurs no longer have that kind of power.


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