Ron Perlman: Trump Will Be ‘In Chains’ for ‘High Crime of Treason’

MALAGA, SPAIN - APRIL 15: Actor Ron Perlman attends 'No Dormiras' premiere at the Cervantes Theater on April 15, 2018 in Malaga, Spain. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)
Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Actor Ron Perlman warned that President Donald Trump will soon be “in chains” for committing the “high crime of treason.”

“And go he will. Preferably in chains. For the high crime of Treason,” Ron Perlman said in response to another social media user.

Perlman also declared that a “failure to try [Trump] for human rights abuses is as much a degrading of our way of life as any he has committed. And that list is immense!”

The Hellboy actor has joined many of his fellow Hollywood stars in spewing vile anti-Trump rhetoric. Last year, Perlman called President Trump a “racist cunt.”

The 68-year-old temporarily quit Twitter earlier this year, bemoaning the state of America under President Trump.

“I feel weak. I feel nauseous. I feel impotent. I feel betrayed. I feel alone. I feel terrible,” he said in part.

“I didn’t know how desperate we are to all hold onto our tribalism. I didn’t know how easily we could be divided from one another. I didn’t know how much hatred truly existed in the nation I came to love and believe in,” the Sons of Anarchy star also said.

However, his break was short-lived, and he has recently engaged in homophobic smears about Lindsey Graham, saying that the South Carolina senator wondered “how many dicks” he had to suck to be considered for attorney general.


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