Alyssa Milano: Americans Don’t Want to Fund Trump’s ‘Symbol to White Supremacy’

Twentieth Century Fox
Twentieth Century Fox

Celebrity left-wing activist Alyssa Milano smeared President Donald Trump Thursday, accusing him of throwing America into “chaos” to build a “symbol to white supremacy.”

“We are in week 3 of a government shutdown and yet Senate Majority Leader McConnell and the White House continue to block a clear way out,” Alyssa Milano said in a social media post.

“The country is in chaos because Trump can’t convince the majority of Americans to fund his symbol to white supremacy.”

Indeed, the government has been shut down for 20 days over the Democrats’ refusal to pass a spending that includes funding for border security.

President Trump made his case to the nation during an Oval Office address Tuesday, mourning the loss of Americans killed by illegal immigrants.

“Over the last several years, I’ve met with dozens of families whose loved ones were stolen by illegal immigration,” Trump said. “I’ve held the hands of the weeping mothers and embraced the grief-stricken fathers. So sad. So terrible. I will never forget the pain in their eyes, the tremble in their voices, and the sadness gripping their souls. How much more American blood must we shed before Congress does its job?”

Trump also decried the effects that illegal immigration has on black and Hispanic workers.
“America proudly welcomes millions of lawful immigrants who enrich our society and contribute to our nation. But all Americans are hurt by uncontrolled, illegal migration. It strains public resources and drives down jobs and wages. Among those hardest hit are African Americans and Hispanic Americans,” the president said.

Last month, Milano mocked the efforts of triple amputee Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage after he tried to crowdfund a border wall.

“Oh, yes! Let’s while not taking care of our veterans. Cool. Cool. Cool,” the 46-year-old said.


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