Jim Carrey Draws Trump Sawing a Reporter in Half

David Livingston/Getty Images/twitter/jimcarrey

Leftist actor Jim Carrey has disgorged another piece of “art,” this time consisting of a lurid image of President Donald Trump using a circular saw to cut up a “journalist.”

In his latest grotesque drawing, the Ace Ventura star features a man in Arab garb assisting Trump in cutting off a man’s arm.

With the image, Carrey wrote, “34 journalists were murdered last year because tyrants like Trump demonized them for doing their jobs. Maybe this year he’ll get a new bone saw for his bday from his pal, the Saudi Slayer, and they can chop up the next body together. That’s what ‘fiends’ are for!”

With the Arab connection in the image, it is likely that Carrey is alluding to the death of radical Muslim Wahhabi activist Jamal Khashoggi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and occasional op-ed writer for various western news outlets.


Khashoggi was also murdered (presumably since his body has not been found) in a foreign country by operatives of yet another foreign country. No one in the U.S., president or no, had a thing to do with his death.

Indeed, the only journalists who recently lost their lives in the U.S. over the last several years were the four Capital Gazette employees who were murdered by a mentally unstable man in Maryland last year. Two others were killed by another mentally unstable man in 2015. Though tragic, none of these murders were politically motivated murders aimed at stifling journalism as Carrey hints in his drawing, and certainly none of these tragic murders had any connection to President Donald Trump.

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