Alyssa Milano Doubles Down: Everyone in a MAGA Hat ‘Identifies with an Ideology of White Supremacy and Misogyny’

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Celebrity left-wing activist Alyssa Milano doubled down on her attack on Covington Catholic High School students and other supporters of President Donald Trump in a column published in The Wrap Wednesday.

“Here’s the thing: I was right,” Alyssa Milano wrote, referencing a social media post she sent this week where she compared wearing a MAGA hat to wearing a “white hood,” a clear reference to the KKK.

Milano writes, “So, I won’t apologize to these boys. Or anyone who wears that hat. But I will thank them. I will thank them for lighting a fire underneath the conversation about systemic racism and misogyny in this country and the role President Donald Trump has had in cultivating it and making it acceptable.”

At one point in the meandering column, the Charmed actress diagnoses Trump supporters, writing:

Let me be clear: I’m not saying everyone who voted for Trump is a racist. I’m saying that everyone who proudly wears the red hat identifies with an ideology of white supremacy and misogyny. Everyone who proudly wears those hats gives a tacit endorsement for the hatred and the violence we’ve seen these past few years.

She then connects wearing MAGA hats to the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville and the mail bombing of October 2018, among other things.

“The Red Hats are demanding an apology from me for a tweet that compares red hats to white hoods. And maybe it isn’t the same. After all, years ago, racists like Fred Trump put on the hood to hide. There is no hiding with the Red Hats. Only pride,” she writes.

Milano then apologizes to people of color for not doing more as part of the “privileged white majority.”

“Still, you know what? I am sorry. I’m sorry for the decades and decades of oppression and abuses people of color have faced in this country. I’m sorry that as part of a privileged white majority we did not stop this Administration from happening. I’m sorry to those who have suffered at the hands of the Red Hats and the policies their leadership implements. See, I’m not apologizing to the Red Hats. I’m apologizing for them.”

Indeed, the Hollywood reaction to the Covington Catholic race hoax has been completely unhinged.

Kathy Griffin used her large following to call for the students to be doxxed and publicly shamed, while Michael Rapaport taunted the minor students with a homophobic slur.


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